Ducane Diet: an effective way to lose weight or dangerous cheating?

Pierre Ducant is a French therapist who developed one of the most popular diets. For several years she helped him become famous and multiply his state several times. However, is the diet effective and safe as presented in his books? To whom the diet according to the Dukan system is suitable, and to whom such a diet is completely contraindicated.

Principles of Dietary Diet Nutrition

The French doctor offers his patients a relatively long diet, carried out in four stages. According to Dukan, it allows you to significantly reduce the weight and keep it on this border. Approach to weight loss helps with such steps:
  • The first stage is the main and most weighty jerk in weight loss. In this period, losing weight loses the lion's share of extra pounds for the entire diet Dyukana. At this stage, a fully protein diet is maintained. It lasts about 3-6 days. This week is called "attack";
  • The second stage of the Ducane diet involves alternation and carries the same name. During this period, the diet should be replaced completely protein days with days when small consumption of vegetables is allowed. Perform all of the scheme 1: 1, 2: 2 or 3: 3. It all depends on the number of extra pounds. At the "alternation" stage, the weight continues to fall, but much less rapidly than at the stage of attack;
  • At the third stage of "fastening" the weight goes very slowly or completely stands still. However, it is aimed at keeping weight and getting used to the diet. At this stage, new products are introduced and the regime becomes more diverse. The third stage of the Ducane diet still involves a protein diet, but already there are starchy foods, fruits and honey. Once a week we make a completely protein day. The stage takes a long time. For every kilogram lost before this, there are 10 days of fixation. If you lose 5 kg in the first and second phase, you need to stop at fixing 50 days;
  • The fourth stage "Stabilization" assumes the habit of eating and always lasts. It includes the development of desire and habit to eat right. At this time, losing weight simply maintains the achieved result and puts it into the habitual rhythm of life. Usually this power is in the fastening mode. Once a week, protein days are required.
All the arguments of Pierre Ducane in his diet are confirmed by facts and do not deceive the slimming. The menu at all stages allows you not to feel hunger and relatively easy to observe, which helps to exclude breakdowns. The Ducane diet really helps many to lose weight. However, it contains many hidden pitfalls, which the doctor prefers to keep silent about.

Danger of diet and contraindications

Weight loss is rapid in the first two stages of the diet. Due to the specific nature of protein nutrition, this happens almost swiftly. However, the result is achieved through loss of fluid, muscle mass and only the last of fat. It is extremely unstable to maintain weight in the future and is extremely harmful to many body systems. After returning to normal life, the weight is also quickly recruited. Only in addition to muscle mass, fat deposits grow even faster. Metabolism slows down and the figure looks worse than before the diet.

The main harm from the Ducane diet:
  • Prolonged shortage of carbohydrates and beneficial microelements for the body. This causes a decrease in the protective forces and malfunctions in the operation of many systems;
  • a violation of the digestive system due to excessive consumption of protein. Heavy protein for the digestive tract is difficult to digest and causes a lot of pathology. The most not significant of them are constipation;
  • kidney disease. Protein decay products are excreted by the kidneys and give a huge load on their work. This causes failures in the health of the kidneys and serious pathologies, which sometimes are not treated. Together with the urinary system from an overabundance of protein in the body, the liver suffers;
Due to the severity of the diet, it is completely contraindicated for people even with small problems with the intestines, liver and kidneys. If every season you are prone to acute respiratory infections, then Ducane's diet should also be abstained. Such a protein diet will further weaken the immune system.

Begin to adhere to the diet Dyukan is necessary only with full readiness to go to the end. Stalling in the first three stages will lead to a sharp and exorbitant weight gain. And also malfunctions in the hormonal system and digestive organs.

Unjustified diet Dukana and its harm was confirmed by the advice of American doctors. According to their research on a group of people Dyukana Diet took 24th place in the efficiency of 25-other diets. Is it worth it to risk with such indicators?

Indications for diet and precautionary measures

Despite the research of a nutritionist and doctors, Ducane's diet quickly became one of the popular and advised. It's all about the relative simplicity of its compliance and the rapid weight loss at the initial stage. This allows the slimming person to grow up and believe in his strength. The length of the fastening phase helps to get involved in proper nutrition and it is easy to follow it in the future.

The Pierre Ducane diet is allowed and even shown to people with critical excess weight. In such cases, the harm from the diet is significantly lower than the development of diseases due to obesity. For such people, the diet of the French therapist may turn out to be a real wand. It is simply important to remember that it is necessary to observe it strictly and to reach the end. In addition, do not forget about simple warnings and rules:
  • Water regime. The kidneys are in colossal load mode. They really need help to remove the protein decay products. You can not drink less than 2 liters of water per day;
  • Be sure to fulfill the condition of eating bran in food. This is necessary not only for rapid saturation, but also to provide the body with a sufficient amount of fiber. The digestive system will say thank you;
  • Admission of vitamin complexes. This will not replace the natural intake of i in the body of beneficial trace elements, but will substantially support the immune forces.
Everyone decides independently on the harm and benefit of the Ducane diet. Is it worth it to bring harm and stress to the body or try to remedy the situation through a balanced diet and sport. After all, the doctor himself recommends his high-protein diet only to people with serious obesity.
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