The first day in the gym

The first day in the gym? Where to begin? What load to give? All these questions are perplexing for all newcomers who just embarked on the thorny path of sports.


Training in the gym - the best anti-stress

The main rule is moderation. If you take on everything at once, nothing but terrible pain in the muscles will not work. The first day is better spent on getting acquainted with the available simulators, as well as on working out the correct technique of performing exercises.

The weight

The right weight is especially important for losing weight and gaining muscle mass

Working with weight is the key to effective and fast weight loss. However, here again it reminds of itself the rule of moderation. For a girl who does not seek to pump up the muscles of a bodybuilder, the best choice would be a complete lack of weight, or 15-20 kg (not more).

Speaking of dumbbells, it is better to take a weight of 2 kg. This is the optimal load for doing exercises for losing weight.


Going to the gym, do not forget to dump your favorite playlist on the player to run

Any lesson you need to start and end with a cardio load. It can be 20 minutes on the treadmill or jumping rope. Everyone chooses for themselves.


Stretching - a pledge of well-being after training

This is an obligatory preliminary measure that prevents terrible cramps and muscle pain. Particular attention should be given to those areas for which increased stress will be given.
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