5 little-known TV series for women

In addition to the world-famous women's series, there are many equally interesting but undervalued specimens. I will list and describe the bright candidates for the post of "series on bezrybe", which is worth seeing in the offseason.

1. Lonely Hearts (The OC)

Sixteen-year-old Ryan lives practically on the street and is about to enter the path of crime. Becoming a participant in the theft of the car, he gets acquainted with the public defender Sandy. Tom does not care what happens to the guy, and he invites him to stay for a couple of days at home. Sandy's wife is not at all pleased with such a company, but sees her son making friends with Ryan and allowing him to stay.
The series takes place in California, in the rich area of ​​Newport Beach - Ryan remains in the family, begins to go to an expensive private school and tries to adapt to the surrounding luxury and duplicity of people. In the Russian box office "Orange State" decided to show a new name, which more accurately describes the essence of the series.

2. Cedar Cove

The series tells the story of the life of the High Judge of the Cedar Cove Olivia Lockhart. The life of a small town is rich and often revolves around Lockhart, her daughters and friends. Olivia does not care what happens in the courtroom, she carefully ponders each process, and also hopes to arrange her own personal life ... The series, although shot in Canada, but it is an excellent example of the typical life of a one-story America. It is designed for an audience over 30 years old and will be of interest to all lovers of classical melodrama.

3. Girls Gilmore (Gilmore girls)

Lorelai was 16 when she gave birth to a daughter and decided to name her after her. The girl refused to marry the child's father and set out on a free voyage. In her 32 she did not lose her thirst for life, and with her daughter Rory looks more like a friend than as a mother. They live in a small town on the east coast of the United States, where there is only one traffic light, but this does not prevent them from actively living, having fun and enjoying everything around.

4. Girls

"Girls" are often compared to "Sex in the City", but it is aimed at a younger audience. In the center of the story, the life of four girls is slightly older than 20, who are trying to survive in New York. At the heart of the series are also real events, but as close to real life, and the characters are a bit more like real people. This comedy-drama series took several prestigious film awards, and it will be much to the liking of reflecting the pressing problems and situations in which many women have already visited.

5. The Bunheads

Michelle used to be a dancer in Las Vegas, but, anticipating the speedy end of her career, she accepts an invitation from a longtime admirer and moves to his homeland in southern California. There she is arranged in the dance class of her mother-in-law as a ballet teacher. Almost immediately after the move, her husband dies in a car accident, but Michelle has nothing left but to try to adapt to the new reality. This series embodied in itself and comedy, and drama, and sometimes even a musical.

Other interesting TV shows?

Please do not hesitate to share the name of your favorite TV series in the comments!
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