Seating cards for guests at the wedding

In order to have a cozy atmosphere at the wedding banquet, it is important to think through all the details. So that all guests were comfortable staying at the table, it is better to group them according to age, marital status, interests. For the convenience of accommodation, guest cards are used.

The value of cards for seating guests on the day of the wedding party

As pointers to places intended for certain people, wedding cards are used for the invited guests. Qualitative and interestingly designed, they can become an additional detail, which gives the guests a pleasant impression of the organization of the event.

Recommendations for selection of seating cards

Choosing cards for guests who will decorate the banquet table, use several tips.
  1. They should be decorated in the same style with all wedding accessories and match the general color scheme.
  2. Choose a card with a beautiful design, do not save and take cheap, monotonous options from the store shelves. Order from the designer, in extreme cases - do it yourself. The main thing is for the result to look original.
  3. If the event is thematic, relevant and interesting will look related to the theme of the celebration items. So, for example, the wedding cards in a rustic wedding can be decorated with rye ears.
  4. Make sure that the names of the guests are printed (or written) as large and legible as possible: not all guests see well, and do not put them in an awkward position. The pointers themselves must also be of such size that they can be seen from afar.
  5. Establish banquet cards taken next to plates on napkins for guests.
Another important nuance, which should not be forgotten: do not put a number of those who have any conflicts relevant. On a drunken head, they all become aggravated, and guests can spoil their holiday with their behavior. This will upset both themselves and the newlyweds.

Design Ideas

There are many options for seating cards for guests. The simplest version is a thick white paper sheet, folded in half and installed by the house. The name of the guest is written on it. Such laconic banquet cards rarely look appropriate, so it's better to look at more interesting options. Which depends on the personal preferences and the budget of the newlyweds.

Cards in the form of cards

It is not necessary to make standard postcards in the form of a folded sheet. On order can make original carved options. For example, cut flowers or a pair of swans on a sheet and process the edges with figured scissors. It is interesting to look modern wooden cards.

The advantage of this type of cards is that inside you can write an individual wish for each guest. The invited will be pleased with the attention of the newlyweds, and they will certainly take a card with them in memory of the wedding.

Variants on the stand

If the cards are placed on stands, you need to pay special attention to the design of the latter. Original cards, inserted in flower pots, look original. Also, as a holder, fruits are suitable, in color or style combined with the theme of the celebration. For example, at a wedding in the Russian style, you can come in handy ruddy apples. To use them as supports, you have to cut off the top edible part a little, and then fix the pointer with the name of the guest in the pulp. Recently grenades and figs began to replace habitual apples and oranges.

In principle, the role of the holder can be performed by any subject, suitable for a wedding celebration: from a candle to a glass. It looks interesting in the form of a stand spruce cone, if it fits the subject.

By analogy with postcards, if you want to pleasantly please the guests, you can fix the pointers on the bonbonniere - small boxes with surprises for the guests. Another interesting option is the fixing of seating cards for dessert lovers with toothpicks on cakes.

Pointers in the form of figures

Such boarding cards are made from the same materials as cards, only they are given a three-dimensional shape: for example, a flower or candy. Very stylish look cards for guests in the form of a figure of the bride and groom.

Other variants of seating cards

Depending on the style of the wedding, for the design of cardboard cards can be used seashells, stones, bottles or vegetables. An unusual option for a Russian-style wedding is small souvenirs that can be taken with you: bottles of alcohol or jars of jam, on the label of which the names of guests are written.

To order cards for seating the guests is more appropriate in the printing house. Nevertheless, there are couples who want to make their own, because any creative process in the preparation for the wedding enthralls and fills with joy.

Creating cards with your own hands

If a celebration with a lot of guests is planned, and buying for everyone a transfer card is expensive, or the soul just asks for creativity, you can make original versions yourself.

Required Attributes

First, determine the template for seating cards, and depending on this, select the materials. Someone will have enough satin ribbon and a marker, others can not do without colored paper and glue.

If the wedding is thematic, it's worth considering the registration of the boarding card. For example, it can be placed in a bouquet of wildflowers or dry rye ears at a rustic wedding.

For most of the self-made seating cards it is enough:
  • colored cardboard or dense colored paper;
  • scissors and glue;
  • toothpicks or skewers;
  • spangles, ribbons, beads, bows and other decor elements.
If you have been fond of needlework for a long time and have a set of carving knives, you can cut interesting small variants of banquet cards on templates and place them on the edge of the glass.

Template selection rules

When creating a seeding card, you can use a couple of tips:
  1. Consider the time of the year: in summer, cards in the form of butterflies will decorate the table, and in winter they will look inappropriate. In autumn, the fallen leaves and nuts will become the true decoration of the cards.
  2. Be inspired by the overall style of the celebration. For example, at a wedding in the Chinese or Japanese style will look great banquet cards in the form of origami. Relevance and harmony - this is what you should remember when creating cards.

Ready templates on the Internet

Through the search for pictures you can find stencils suitable for future seating cards. It will be necessary to simply print out the stencils on the beautiful colored paper, cut them out and sign the names of the guests. If you also gently glue several decorative elements overlapping, the cards will turn out to be three-dimensional.

Design of seating cards

For beginners in handicrafts or very busy bride and groom the simplest is a version of a satin ribbon. Just tie it with a beautiful bow and write on it the name of the guest.

A little more work on the options of cardboard with gluing a different decor. The beginning of the work and its main part are the same: on the rectangular base sheet, a small sheet with the name of the guest is pasted with a double-sided scotch. The edges of the paper can be beautifully decorated with curly scissors. After that, the whole card is decorated entirely with everything your heart desires: sequins, feathers, rhinestones, etc.

Types of arranging tables for a wedding

To prevent the guests from circling around in the hall, and immediately orient themselves to where they sit, support them with visual navigation. On a stand alone table or on a wall, place a scheme in a beautiful design, where all the tables are drawn and it is written who is behind what is sitting. This will avoid confusion: guests immediately go to their tables. The names of the invitees should be written in alphabetical order, so that the invitees can orient in the lists faster.

By the way, there are several excellent options for arranging tables:
  • The letter "T" with young and closest friends and relatives at the head (classics);
  • The letter "P" (led by the bride and groom and witnesses);
  • European seating - separate tables for 6-8 people.
The latter option is preferred more often, since it allows the most convenient solution to the issue of seating. Each table is numbered, and on the seating chart next to each name is simply indicated the table number. Seating arrangement in the form of the letter "T" or "P" is usually considered as an option at a modest event, where no more than 25 guests.

Practical tips

It is better to practice folding out the seating cards. For example, when the bride and groom leave after registration for a banquet, the responsible person goes to the place of the future feast and supervises the organizational moments. If the banquet takes place in the rented hall, notify the staff in advance of such a task: he will be only glad to avoid unnecessary fuss among the guests.


Seating cards for guests can be an additional element that emphasizes the style of celebration and the high taste of the newlyweds, so it is worthwhile to think carefully about their design. In advance it is worthwhile to think about which of the guests should be planted at different ends of the hall, and who likes to sit next to each other. Instruct the responsible person to pre-arrange the tracing cards on the tables. Follow all the recommendations, and everything will go smoothly!
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