If the black bar begins (part two)

If you see the pluses of the "black band", realize that in this period of your life it was necessary for you, it will help to keep yourself in hand, not to despair, to protect from embitterment. But it can not be denied that the "black band" is a test, this is a bad mood, a deterioration in well-being. How to behave properly when a series of troubles? Do not despair. The fact that you call this period a "black bar" is a good sign, because it means that you understand that it will soon end.

Tips for organizing your day

To cope with the black stripe, you need to organize your day properly:
  1. Make a list of simple cases. When a person is constantly busy, he does not have time for sad thoughts.
  2. Think about your hobby. Maybe you like to knit or make flowers, take pictures. Such an activity, when you can control everything and plan, not only calms well, but also restores self-confidence. You will start to enjoy life again.
  3. Read more. Books help to escape from reality, to get distracted from their problems. This is a kind of psychotherapy that helps to calm down, looking forward to the future.
  4. Take time for yourself. At least 30 minutes a day you should dedicate only to yourself. It will help to relax, gather strength. How exactly you spend these half an hour, it's up to you, but they should please you. You can listen to your favorite music, lie down in a foamy aromatic bath, drink a cup of tea, leaf through your favorite magazine, etc.

Tips to help cope with stress

All the above tips should improve your mood. But, if you are still insecure, tormented by negative emotions, try to work on yourself. There are special techniques that help us to recover in the most difficult situation.
  1. List of problems. Trouble is not monsters, not monsters, but ordinary problems. When they become too much, a person is lost, does not know what to grab for. But the devil is not so terrible as he is painted. Sit down at the table, calm down, take a sheet of paper, a pen and write down all the problems that you need to solve. Then number them in order of importance and rewrite, so that at the beginning of the list there are the most difficult problems, and in the end - the simplest ones. Sit down and think about what you can do to solve them. There is a saying: "The elephant must be eaten in parts." If you are frightened by some problem, make a plan that will help with it, write down points on how you will act.
  2. Funny demotivators. There are many ways to cheer yourself up and one of them is searching the web for fun pictures with original signatures. Do not spare the time for demotivators, they not only make you laugh, but also help you look more confidently into the future. If you like any pictures more than others, you can print them out and hang them in a prominent place. Passing by, you will smile, and this is a small victory.
  3. Freeriding technique or free writing. This is such a technique when a person transfers all his thoughts to paper. Psychologists say that this method helps to solve any problems, suggests non-standard ways that will help to resolve both personal and work issues. With the basics of this technique you can get acquainted in the books of Mark Levi. But its meaning is that you sit at the table, take a piece of paper or open a page on the computer screen and start writing everything that comes to your mind. Write until the time allotted for this happens (for example, 20 minutes) or you fill a certain number of sheets (1 or 2 sheets). Do not think, strain, while you write. It is desirable to relax, turn off the "internal critic". You write not for others, but for yourself. You can not distract, re-read written, correct errors. No one will evaluate what you wrote, so do not necessarily write everything correctly, observe the literary language. Just put your thoughts on paper. Spilling out all the experiences, you will feel better, you will find it easier to understand yourself, to think about the situation.
  4. The technique of getting rid of negative emotions, invented by the English psychologist Natalie Rogers. Take a blank sheet of paper, markers, pencils, brushes and paints. Sit down at the table, relax, listen to yourself. After that, "let go of your hand", ie, allow yourself to paint everything you want, the main thing is to convey your mood. It is not necessary to get a picture, it can be a set of lines, geometric shapes, ie, anything, anything. Listen to your emotions and try to throw them all out on paper, get rid of the accumulated negative. Draw until you fill the entire sheet. If feelings overwhelm you, and the place is over, you can continue on the second sheet. To get rid of the remnants of the negative, take another sheet and write on it any words that reflect your mood. Write as much as you want until you decide to stop. At this point, you should feel the devastation and a little fatigue. All your bad mood is gone into these sheets, the more it will not torture you. It remains only to think of what to do with the paper and the paper. Listen to yourself, what would you like to do: trample, throwing sheets on the floor, burned, thrown into the trash? Choose any option you like or create your own. After that, you should feel relief.
A "black band" can begin in the life of any person. But this is not a reason to despair, be angry with yourself and destiny, but an excellent opportunity to take a breather, reconsider your views on the world. Sooner or later everything will change, the problems will go away, and life will sparkle with new colors. And if you do not despair, work on yourself and this period of bad luck can be experienced with minimal losses, maintain your health and cheerfulness of the spirit.
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