Brave new world of the XXI century

I propose to look around and talk about the man himself. What is he, the average modern homo sapiens? What is he thinking about? What dreams? Does it communicate with other people and where? It is a desperate attempt to comprehend all that is happening around.

Social networks and personal space

Modern realities are such that people spend most of their free time in social networks. There occur acquaintance, communication, shopping. This is a "full-fledged" life, which is boiling in the vastness of the World Wide Web.

Instagram led to the fact that each person tries to capture and place his step into the network.

I will give an example. A child is born. In the maternity hospital, the mother first of all hastens to capture her child, so that her subscribers could appreciate the baby with the appropriate number of "likes". O Brave New World! Aldous Huxley rests - the reality was steeper than any anti-utopia.

Instagram cheerfully walks the planet, grabbing all the new followers into their ranks

No more space left. Such a concept gradually acquires features of archaism.

The substitute for normal communication

Live conversation face to face - in our time it is unfortunately very rare. People work, and when they have a free minute - they dive headlong into their own phone so that it is very useful and informative to spend extra 2-3 hours in social networks.

Is there an antidote? Strange as it may seem, yes. The recipe is simple. During the day and always before going to bed, arrange yourself a few hours without a phone and social networks. Instead, you can arrange a get-together in the kitchen for a cup of tea with biscuits. Share your thoughts, desires, aspirations, or with a large audience of subscribers, but with one living person sitting opposite.


What to expect in the near future? Cameras from which it will be impossible to hide? Do not forget that over-openness is followed by excessive strangeness. There will be no real manifestations of feelings. Sincerity will be forgotten.

All this is a bold fantasy. And only time will judge whether they have the right to life.
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