How to solve a problem? The method of rubber duckling

Every person has moments when it is necessary to make an important decision. If you doubt, and to call for help relatives as advisors is not possible, do not rush to panic. There are many psychological techniques that will help in solving the most difficult tasks. One of them is the method of rubber duckling.

What is the essence of the method?

At present, this method of decision-making has already gained a certain fame. But for the first time they talked about him after the release of the book "The Programmer-Pragmatist: The Way from the Apprentice to the Master" by David Thomas and Andrew Hunt. Although initially the method of rubber duckling was used in programming, this did not prevent him from adapting to the needs of a wide audience. It is suitable for solving professional problems, as well as personal troubles. Everyone can use it.

And where does the duckling? This question certainly arises from every person who first hears about this method. Familiar toys play a symbolic role. Following the technique, you must put the duckling in front of you (if it is impossible to do it, it is not possible, just imagine it). Tell the duckling about the difficulty you experienced. If he embarrasses you as an interlocutor, say everything mentally.

In any case, the situation should be described in the most detail. The answer to the question that is tormenting you or the optimal solution to the problem should come in the course of such a "story". As a rule, the wording of the question already contains a hint of a preferred solution. If you are honest with yourself, communication with the duckling will not be too long, but extremely productive.

How does self-counseling work?

Doubts that overwhelm a person, while he is in meditation and can not make a decision, are neutralized with the help of this method. This is due to the fact that the need to "talk" the situation, makes you articulate your thoughts more clearly. From the orderly speech it is easier to distinguish the main thing. The essence of the situation and your priorities become clearer. Considering that the duckling before you is present only as a nominal interlocutor, you lead the conversation with yourself. During such a self-consultation, you can not only choose the solution from the available options, but also find a new one that will become a compromise for you.

For example, when deciding to change the place of work, talking with the duckling will help you understand from the disparate notions of financial well-being and career development opportunities what you really want. Use this method can be in the process of searching for a creative solution for business or choosing an outfit for a wedding. Whichever area the problem belongs to, you can solve it, referring to an understanding interlocutor in the face of a rubber duck.

No matter how funny this approach seems, it allows you to cope with emotions. And after all, they often do not allow to look at the situation objectively. Getting rid of stress and emotional noise, you can begin to solve the problem.

Important Tips

  • If you prefer to use another toy instead of a rubber duckling, find a suitable one. With equal success, you can refer to a character from a cartoon or a favorite indoor plant. It is only the principle of the story about the situation that is important, one can appeal to anyone. Having explained the problem, you will come closer to solving it.
  • In some cases it is more convenient to write a duckling. Reflecting on your experiences, you can organize them. If the situation is multivariate, write down all its possibilities.
  • The main requirement for the successful implementation of this method is the most detailed explanation of the problem. The more details you mention, the better. Imagine that the duckling has the opportunity to respond to you and so that he does not ask you again, tell everything in detail.
  • In difficult situations, it is permissible to imagine a dialogue. To do this, imagine what suggestive questions your interlocutor would ask, if he had the opportunity. If you can not find a solution to the problem, start talking not about the problem itself, but its importance, explain its significance.
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