Syndrome of an honors pupil: what is it?

Purposefulness at a young age does not always justify itself. If the child began to react painfully to any criticism in his address, and the resulting four for a long time plunges him into depression, the syndrome of an honors pupil may not be such a phantom prospect.

What is the best worker syndrome?

This state is characterized by a strong desire to cope with the tasks posed better than others. Whether it is a learning process, sports achievements or creative pursuits, it is important for the child to receive praise for their achievements.

Gradually, he develops dependence on the approval of his activities. Also, jealousy can be manifested when the peer achievements are appreciated. Communication with them develops into constant competition. The slightest criticism becomes a blow to self-esteem.

Recognize the syndrome of an honors pupil can be based on how complex a person sets himself. As a rule, he does not seek easy ways. In pursuit of praise, a child may stop paying attention to one's desires not related to the achievement of the goal. Each new goal turns into the meaning of life.

Such children do not know how to lose, they are not characterized by self-irony. They do not like to take risks and are afraid to make mistakes. They have a strong emotional attachment to their parents. If you do not take control of the syndrome of an honors pupil at a young age, he can remain a man's companion for life and grow into perfectionism.


One of the main reasons for the development of the syndrome is the low self-esteem. It can be formed under the influence of the parents' negative reaction to the child's mistakes. His desire to deserve the approval of adults in such a case is a logical and logical reaction to neglect. Not all children succeed in getting to school quickly. Stress from the new situation is exacerbated if parents constantly compare the success of their own children with peer achievements.

Also, attempts to succeed in everything can be related to the desire to attract attention. Parents often zealous in the desire to instill in their children the desire to win. On their part, this may be an attempt to belatedly compensate for their own failures. The child's success allows them to get approval from others. High demands become an integral part of family upbringing. Having received the installation: "Victory is above all," the child becomes hyperoptic and often begins to overestimate the importance of the goals set.

What is the danger?

With age, the situation does not improve. The school replaces the institute, and then the work, but the person with the syndrome of the honors pupil still reacts sharply to someone else's success and can not objectively take criticism into his address. Syndrome of an honors pupil, like a magnet, attracts total control and increased anxiety. Adult people with the syndrome of an honors pupil can not afford to give up the failures of the past. They are constantly overwhelmed by doubts and suspiciousness. Excessive demands on yourself can cause problems in your personal life.

How to get rid of the syndrome of the honors pupil?

To neutralize the syndrome of an honors pupil it is possible, having found out its reason and having worked it. In difficult cases it is worth asking for a consultation with a psychologist. However, there are several universal ways to reduce the impact of the syndrome on one's life. First of all, a person should realize his own dignity. Understanding that people around are loved and respected not only for their victories and achievements, but also for the ability to empathize, to laugh heartily over the joke and support the conversation, will greatly simplify his relationships with relatives.

You need to learn to relax. Regardless of age, responsibilities and important matters, one should devote time to leisure. Walking in the fresh air, going to visit and any entertainment can make the necessary counterbalance in the orderly life of the "excellent worker".

Fear of mistakes and failures can be tried to overcome by discovering a new occupation. This hobby should be for yourself, not to achieve the goal or to receive the approval of others. Do not subordinate life to goals, the achievement of which does not bring sincere joy.
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