Makeup in the style of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular women of our time. Behind every step of her, the journalists are constantly watching, but catching a celebrity by surprise is not so easy. Kim's makeup is always perfect. Showing the enviable consistency in the choice of shades of decorative cosmetics, she introduced contouring into fashion. Matte lipsticks and lip glosses for nuanced shades also owe their popularity to Kim Kardashian. Her makeup for many girls has become a standard. But before you start applying makeup, it's worth taking over from Kim several beauty-lovhak.

Correct feathering

Kim Kardashian can not be reproached for inadequately expressive eye makeup. To create spectacular images, she never neglects shading of shadows. If you use to apply and shade the shades with one brush, making a smooth transition between them will be extremely difficult. Create a desired effect allows the brush in the form of a barrel.

The secret of perfect lip makeup

Kim often uses matte lipsticks. But this texture is quite capricious on the lips and has the property of emphasizing imperfections. To make the lips look perfect, you must first remove the keratinized skin particles from them. With this task, sugar scrub will perfectly cope. After exfoliation, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing balm to the lips and only then use lipstick.

Elimination of the effect of glued eyelashes

Expressive look is one of the most notable features of makeup Kim Kardashian. However, staining eyelashes with ink can easily overdo it. To avoid the effect of spider legs, comb the eyelashes with a special brush. The use of this accessory is also in the fact that it eliminates the smallest lumps of carcasses from the eyelashes. Thanks to this make-up looks more accurate.

Refusal of the primer

As a true fan of contouring, Kim Kardashian applies a lot of cosmetic products to the skin. But she does not like to overload her face, so she does not always use a primer. If you have a plan of light and shadow correction of the face, it makes sense to limit the application to the skin of a moisturizer.

Ombre on the eyebrows

Too bright eyebrows may not be appropriate in makeup. Their graphics will weight your look no matter what type of appearance. Create the most natural coloration possible with two shades. The base of the eyebrow should be dyed in a lighter tone, and closer to the tip - use a darker shade. Thoroughly shade the boundary of their application, to get a smooth transition.

Makeup Kim Kardashian

An integral part of the image of Kim Kardashian is a black and white correction of the face. In order to repeat it, you will need a pallets for contouring. In a light shade, draw triangles in the area under the eyes. It is also necessary to expose the highlight of the back of the nose. The tip of the nose needs to be gently brimmed with a dark tinge. They should also draw lines under the cheekbones. This is the simplest version of the contouring. But if you do not want to limit them, you can put a light shade on the center of the forehead and chin. After you perform the feathering, the face will acquire the necessary relief.

In many photos, Kim's skin has a pronounced satin finish. The secret of this beautiful effect lies in the use of powder with light-reflecting particles. Fix it with the help of the earlier contouring.

Kim Kardashian's eyebrows do not have sharp bends. The lines should be smooth and expressive. Considering the makeup of the star as a sample, it is worth paying attention to the length of the eyebrows. Kim's eyebrows are rather elongated. If the length of your eyebrows is not enough, do not be afraid to use a pencil to extend their tips a little.

Applying eye makeup, apply a shade of brown to the entire mobile eyelid, and under the eyebrow beige. The place of "meeting" of the two shades is supposed to be carefully blurred. Visually increase the eyes will allow the use of a graphite shade. Apply it to the outer corner of the eye. The line should go up to the eyebrow. After shading, be sure to use a black eyeliner to outline the mucous membrane. They should also highlight the line of eyelash growth. While feathering the pencil along the line of eyelash growth, do not forget to extend the brush line from the inner corner of the eye downwards. This will give the eyes an almond shape.

A suitable addition to this makeup will be false eyelashes. Kim Kardashian always uses them. Staining eyelashes with ink, try to give them an extra volume. To create an effective bend, use the kerler. You can complete the image with colored lenses.

In order for the lips to become more plump, it's not enough just to circle them with a pencil. Draw a line along the center of the lower lip. After shading and applying gloss, the line previously performed will lose its clarity. Gloss and lip liner should be selected in similar shades. It is desirable that they are close to the natural tone of your skin.

The relevance of makeup Kim Kardashian

Since the image does not involve the use of bright shades of decorative cosmetics, it has no age limits. Makeup in the style of Kim Kardashian will look equally harmonious at the business meeting and at the party. Black and white correction of the face, allows you to successfully use this image in photo sessions.
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