Features of care for curly hair

Very many girls tend to make their hair wavy or curly with the help of hair curlers, hair dryers, plakok, comb. . . And those young ladies who were lucky enough to be born with such a gift, traditionally want themselves direct. Today, an article on how to care for curly hair and make them all prettier and more beautiful!


The first and most important point. These hair looks beautiful only when they are healthy. And for this curls you need to constantly moisturize! It is they who, due to their porous structure and their propensity for fluffiness, need special attention. Special shampoos for dry hair , conditioners with the same function will come to the rescue. Also, moisturizing and nourishing masks with oils will help in this - the modern beauty industry offers so many. If there is no trust in this sphere, it is quite possible to use folk methods, rinse them with tea, chamomile or nettle.

No hair dryer

It is contraindicated to curly girls. If you can not do without a hair dryer, you should at least alternate the hot air with a cool, so as not to injure the hair scales. And it's better if the curls dry up by themselves. The same applies to ironing and ploek - at a minimum. If beauty requires victims and you have to use these methods - you need to buy a special thermal protection , it envelops the hair and helps it "survive" the styling.

Good colors

If you really want to change the image, but it's terrible for the quality of the hair after this procedure, you should pay attention to the quality of the paint. In the beauty salon, of course, they will do everything in the highest category, moisturize, nourish and beautifully arrange. But after the first wash, the effect will pass and. . . and will have to deal with what is. That's why use better natural dyes or toning shampoo . If the paint is better without ammonia.

Correct combing

It would seem that something, but we all know how to comb! So that's it. It turns out that not all! If nature rewarded you with curly hair, first, you need to find a good comb with sparse teeth, and secondly, make it a useful habit to comb the locks gently, from the ends gradually rising up . So they are less damaged


That the most terrible word, when a girl is afraid that instead of a couple of centimeters, she will cut half a mane. . . There's nothing to be afraid of. Curly hair must be regularly cut so that they do not sail and look healthy. If there is no readiness for radical haircut - at least ends, ideally - once a month or at least 3 months. Very handy will have a haircut "hot scissors" - it will help, as it were, to "solder" the edge of each hair and prevent nutrients from leaving longer.

So, the basic tips are formulated, it remains only to fix their curls and go decorate the world! And how do you care for curly hair? Are there any methods? Share in the comments!
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