Drebrasching: how to make a dry massage?

Do you want the skin to become smooth and supple? Draybrushing will achieve this goal with minimal financial costs. The popularity of this procedure is growing at an incredibly fast pace. Among her fans are even world-famous models Miranda Kerr and El MacPherson.

What is a drybrushing?

This procedure is a dry massage. Carry it with a special brush. The purpose of the session is not only cleansing the skin, draybrashing allows you to accelerate blood circulation. Thanks to this, metabolic processes are normalized, the elasticity of the skin is significantly increased. If you do a regular brushing session, the anti-cellulite effect will become noticeable over time.

For the procedure, you need to get a brush with a long handle. When choosing this accessory, pay attention to the nap. It is desirable that it be natural and tough. Brush before the procedure should be dry.

How to carry out the procedure?

The technique of drawing does not require special skills. It can rightfully be considered one of the simplest and most accessible. Dry massage is recommended to be done immediately before going to the shower. Carry out smooth circular movements with a brush. Start with your feet and slowly move up. With respect to the degree of depression of the brush, one should be guided by one's own feelings. After the session, the skin should turn slightly red.

Pay special attention to elbows, knees and heels. In areas where fat deposits are present, the circulation is weaker. There, the intensity of movements can be slightly increased. Immediately after draishing yourself, take a shower. After that, you will only have to apply a moisturizer to the skin of the body. The procedure can be repeated several times a week. The duration of the session should not exceed 5-7 minutes.

Advantages of the procedure

Draybrushing greatly stimulates the lymph drainage system. Dry massage can be considered as an accompanying procedure in a complex of measures aimed at combating cellulite. If you carry out the procedure in the morning, it will charge you with vigor and energy. Skin tone rises after the first session. It becomes smooth, supple and tender due to the fact that moderately hard pile removes the dead cells of the epidermis. Thus, draysbrashing can be considered as a worthy alternative to the use of peelings and scrubs. This procedure effectively solves the problem of ingrown hair.

Disadvantages of the procedure

Unfortunately, draysbrashing is not universal. One of its main drawbacks is that not all people can practice it. Among the contraindications are diseases such as eczema, varicose veins, hives, psoriasis. If there are open wounds and scratches, diving is also prohibited. Do not massage the skin areas on which moles and papillomas are located.

It is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the skin during the draining session. The brush should not cause excessive discomfort. Otherwise, it will cause the occurrence of abrasions, which is not at all compatible with the purpose of the procedure. With increased sensitivity of the skin, from draining should be refrained.
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