How to visually hide the defects of windows?

If a person has a mirror of the soul - the eyes, then the eyes of your house or apartment can truly be considered windows. Large rectangular, round, small, stained glass, or any intricate shape - we always want to decorate them, highlight the highlight or hide flaws. However, the size of the room and the shape of the window are not always taken into account during construction. Here we will find the following tips useful.

Small or narrow window

If your window is too narrow, then visually your room becomes smaller. Change this will help the cornice, which is worth hanging above the window and significantly longer. Ideally, hang the cornice from one corner to the other. Also this simple trick will solve the problem with lighting when you push the curtains around. Another solution to the problem can be multi-layered curtains. They also visually increase the window opening and bring refinement to your home. There is one more method that allows your window to be visually more - place low furniture next to the window.

The window is too low

It happens that the ceilings in the apartment are low, and the window itself is located even closer to the floor. The room becomes uncomfortable and dark. The correct location of the cornice will also help in solving this problem. Place it under the ceiling, this you visually raise the window. It should also be noted that the curtains should be very long, preferably in the floor. And fasten them to the cornice better with special rings.

Large window

And if the window on the contrary is huge? From it blows cold, and it does not add comfort to your home. Here the problem is solved by bright curtains, perhaps large abstract ornaments. Also on such windows, the curtains with lambrequin and large brushes will be very advantageous.

Deaf wide window

This form is quite rare, but it is still worth talking about it. In this case, you need to revitalize the window space. Play with various combinations of fabrics and curtain materials. For example, curtains - rollers and fabric.


Thin curtains look unpresentable, and they do not give special coziness. Therefore, it is better to choose thick fabrics for curtains. They look chic and expensive. If you are not afraid to experiment, then combine different textures of fabric for curtains, this will give the window aperture dynamics.

Frame color

If you have white walls and a white frame, the window will be lost on such a background, and visually it will look small. It is better to paint the walls in a warmer shade, or the frame itself in dark colors. Not always to hide the shortcomings of your apartment you need to contact the designer. The suggested tips will allow you to create harmony in your interior independently and effectively present the image of the window. A cosiness to you and your home.
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