The perfect side dish to a shish kebab. Cooking in nature

Summer is a season of vitamins! What dishes are not cooked by the mistress of vegetables. These are all kinds of stews, casseroles and saute. They, like nothing else, fit as a side dish to meat. Especially in nature.

The dish, the recipe of which you learn, you can cook at home on the stove, and at the stake.

Ajapsandali - vegetable stew in a Caucasian way

Like every Caucasian dish, ajapsandali is cooked with spices and herbs. It has a classic recipe. But each family adds a "zest" to it, which gives rise to many new dishes.

The difference ajapsandal, from other dishes from vegetables is that the ingredients are cut into large slices.

Initially, it was a purely vegetable lean dish, but today it is prepared with meat.

Choose and prepare vegetables

The more diverse the set of vegetables, the better.

The main ingredient is eggplant. Caucasian housewives prefer soft, ripe vegetables. As it turned out, the degree of ripeness is not the main thing.

Also prepare a large, fleshy sweet pepper of different colors. Take more peppers green and yellow. Red, take 2-3 pieces.

The third important component is tomatoes. But they, should be ripe and fleshy, to give maximum taste and juice. For juiciness of colors, take 3-4 small-sized fetuses of yellow color.

Also prepare a bunch of cilantro, a pod of pepper, basil, garlic, salt and sweet pepper. Still sunflower oil, 1-2 small bulbs, ground coriander and hops-suneli.
In general, ajapsandal is prepared from what is in the refrigerator and the composition can be changed at will hostess. Love more sharply, put more garlic. Do not want to be a "fire-breathing dragon", do not put hot pepper.
Now my aubergines, tomatoes and greens. Peel the onion and choose seeds from the pepper.

We take unpeeled eggplant and cut it. First, 4-6 parts along (all depends on the size of the fruit), and then across the width of 2-3 cm. Fold in a deep dish, sprinkle with salt and leave for 15-20 minutes, so that out of them came bitterness.

Peel the chopped squares. So he will give the ready dish more color.

Tomato scalded with boiling water, remove the skin, mash the flesh with a fork or cut.

The onion is cut into half rings, if the bulb is large - a quarter of a ringlet. We grind coriander and basil, we press garlic, we clear the stems and seeds of burning pepper and cut them with small rings.

Now that all the ingredients are ready, let's start cooking.

Preparing ajacksandali

We need a deep frying pan and a cauldron. We put a frying pan on the fire and pour the sunflower oil. When it is warmed, fry the eggplants until soft.

After, we catch them in the cauldron, choose the remaining seeds from the frying pan and fry the sweet pepper in the same oil. If you cook with hot pepper, fry them together.

Next on the pan will go onions. After it has become soft and golden, spread it into the cauldron with a third layer and simmer the tomatoes.

First let them sink a little under the lid. To them, add garlic, greens, coriander and hops-suneli. There are no clear proportions, it all depends on the taste.

If you have prepared the products "with a margin," alternate layers of vegetables. After, pour tomatoes with greens, salt, pepper, you can add a pinch of sugar (for the spicy dishes) and put on a slow fire. Vegetables need to be stained.

You can stir it gently. If the liquid in the cauldron is not enough, pour a little boiled water, otherwise everything will burn. Ajapsandali needs 30-40 minutes for complete readiness.
Note, if you took a very large dish, and the portion was for a small wedding, then more time would be needed for the final cooking. It is better to cook in smaller portions. It's faster and tastier.

Ajapsandal is delicious, quick and economical.

As written above, this is a classic recipe. But it can be changed to your taste. Vegetables can be baked in the oven or on the grill. Take different proportions and add zucchini, carrots and potatoes.

I will say that the most delicious ajapsandali is obtained at the stake.

I wish you a pleasant appetite and a delicious holiday in nature.
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