Over a cup of coffee and a pack of cigarettes

Cigarettes occupied different places in the life of society. There were times when smoking was really fashionable and sexy. Smokers and respectable men and housewives. Smoked right in the rooms next to the children. At the table in restaurants and on a romantic walk in the park. Now the attitude to smoking has turned radically the other side. But millions of dependent ones remained.

Two friends

Sitting once as two friends over a cup of coffee and chatting.

"I quit smoking," says one.

- Oh, well, what's wrong? - asks the other?

"You imagine, I was at the dentist today, it turns out my teeth went dark again." Even a special toothpaste can not cope. In addition, it was hard to climb the stairs. Today the head sent to the department on the fifth floor, and the elevator broke down. I barely got up, but with such distraction!

- Yes, I also noticed that it became hard for me to climb the stairs.

- I here have read in one fashionable magazine, that smoking for the woman - the present enemy! Resistance dependence, we girls, is much weaker, which means that with each new tightening, we do not just poison our beautiful body, but further reduce our immunity. And I also had a bad smell from my mouth. The dentist said that I had tartar and problems with the gums. Treatment will fly off a pretty penny. And you I see with a skin of the face quite trouble.

- Yes, the skin is bad, but where are the cigarettes? I have long moved to the subtle "women's".

- So what! You smoke more cigarettes, simply because the body requires its dose of nicotine. And it does not matter which cigarettes you smoke - light, "female" or "with a button." Notice how many times you smoked while we sit here?

"Now you're going to start talking about passive smoking, right?" We are so polluted with the environment that the smell of smoke will not be worse.

- You should not think so. For a non-smoker, the company of an inveterate smoker is dangerous. From the environment into the body of a passive smoker gets many times more toxic than the body of the smoker himself. So when you're smoking, once again, by the way, I got hurt even more than you!

"I'm sorry, I quashed it all."

- And because of the harm of smoking in women, the incidence of inflammatory diseases increases, which can lead to infertility! You imagine because of this dirty trick you and I can never have children!

- Oh, and I also heard something like that ... for sure! In men, smoking causes male impotence.

- You're right. The more cigarettes smoking a cool macho, the more risks! Only ten cigarettes a day and he already increases by thirty percent his chances of getting. . . as it is there ... erectile dysfunction - in!

"Did you also read it in your journal?" - No, I read it in the male.


Do you remember why you started smoking?

- Oh, yes, it seemed to me that it was terribly fashionable! You remember as in a movie, he comes in, and she sits and smokes a long cigarette. Romantic.

- And I started when I passed the exams at the institute. So nervous! And I was told that nicotine relieves stress - I tried it, but now I can not quit.

- It is difficult to quit smoking. This, as they say, is checked for yourself.

- Yes, if I want to leave right away. No torment.

"I'm very happy for you." And here I am for this it was a real problem. For me, smoking is closely related to some pleasant moments in my life. For example, I like to smoke a cigarette after a chic sex with a loved one. And then I already have physical dependence started. And when I do not smoke a cigarette, I seem to violate a pleasant ritual, and there is a feeling that something is missing. And yet, when they began to quit smoking, they started annoying companies in which everyone smoked! How can I not start again?

- And why are cigarettes so harmful?

- Now I'll read to you, I have a magazine. "Hydrogen, methane, hydrogen cyanide, acetone, ammonia, benzene, hydrogen sulphide, methyl alcohol, nickel compounds, and, oh, formaldehyde! And this is not all chemical elements that poison our body. " And you still ask what is harmful in it? Would you agree in your right mind and use your health in a normal way?

- Never! All I throw, too! Only how? - There are nicotine-containing chewing gum, tablets and even reflexotherapy.

- So, we just quit smoking.

- Yes! !! Quitting smoking is fashionable!
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