Aromatherapy: how odors affect a person by feng shui

Smells affect our life and sometimes completely shape our emotional state. Aromatherapy is used in meditation and should not be dropped in everyday life. Depending on the desired result, you can choose the right odor for your home. His influence on your life will be noticeable first application.

Intended for odors in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, some smells are used to attract the positive energy of chi into their lives and activities. Other fragrances are able to scare off our homes negatively energy. Correct combination of these can be a real amulet for housing and have the most vivid influence on all spheres of family life.

Aromatherapy in an apartment or house should be applied depending on the area of ​​housing. This will create the right emotional background for the entire room.

Smell affects a person not only in his home. He accompanies him all his life. To do this, you can select the desired sphere and use the right flavor to attract positive qi energy.

Smells in the house

In the house you can use scented candles, essential oils and natural air fresheners. Recommended odors:
  • The zone of communication and recreation requires a good mood, family cohesion and activity. For this, smells of rosemary, grapefruit, mint, walnut and jasmine are good. This will support the spirit of unity and help to relax the soul from all the affairs. Aromatherapy with such smells is used in Feng Shui for the living room, hall or dacha when meeting with friends;
  • The zone of physical, moral rest and sleep requires the use of oils that promote relaxation. In the bedroom, you can use ylang ylang, sandalwood and cypress. To add a spicy and sexy mood to these smells, you can add cedar and ginger flavor. This will not only relax, but also use aromatherapy for an erotic mood;
  • in the zone of food you need to use calm aromas that induce appetite and calmness. For the kitchen smells of mint, geranium and orange are good. Here you can not use any oils and candles. It is enough simply to plant a bush of geranium or mint in a pot;
  • The area of ​​work and business is usually located in your personal account. Here the fragrance for Feng Shui should be very mild and unobtrusive. For the cabinet, the use of essential oils of bergamot, tea tree, sage, basil, pine and eucalyptus is suitable. They will help to concentrate and calm down. The same scents can be used for schoolchildren while doing homework;
  • bathroom and toilet require a separate approach. The best option would be orange, bergamot and pine.
The most universal aroma in aromatherapy feng shui is bergamot. It can be used anywhere in the house and apartment. You can confidently make bergamot a background odor in your home to attract positive qi energy.

Influence of aromas on life on Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui all spheres of man are concentrated and divided into zones in the Lo-shu square. He suggests such a division:
  • north-west - new emotions and travel, as well as an assistant;
  • north - career and business;
  • Northeast - knowledge and wisdom;
  • west - the creative principle and offspring (children);
  • cent - physical health and body strength;
  • east - family ties;
  • southwest - love and intimacy;
  • south - popularity and glory;
  • southeast - money and wealth.
Each of these zones can be affected by certain flavors. They are able to attract positive energy into this sphere and establish everything in it.

Assistant and Travel

Base fragrances for this zone are orange and lotus. They can be used to collect a suitcase or make small flavors in hand luggage. Attract positive energy will also help:
  • eucalyptus - to maintain vigor and strength in the way;
  • mint - for good mutual understanding with others;
  • rose - for peace and meditation.
Aromatherapy will make the new impressions brighter, and the travels pleasant.


The basic aromas are limongrass, cedar and pine. You can add extra by:
  • Bergamot or nutmeg - to attract good luck and right decisions;
  • thyme - for activity and motivation for action;
  • Basil - to improve performance;
You can complement the entire bouquet of smells with juniper. This will attract career growth and always be on top. Smells should be placed in the office or used in perfumes.

knowledge and wisdom

The basic novel on Feng Shui is an apple, lotus and lilac. Complete the entire bouquet can be:
  • rosemary - for a good mood;
  • eucalyptus - for light thinking;

Creativity and children

For children's sphere and creativity, the aromas of white lily and lemon will be ideal. They can be combined in the spirits of mothers and pregnant women. Create an effect of aromatherapy in the area of ​​creativity and children will help:
  • chamomile - for harmony in relations with different generations;
  • jasmine - for the confidence and disclosure of the potential;
  • lemon - for relaxation and development of understanding;
The smell of a white lily can attract a positive result in the process of conception of a child.


Very important center, the development of which is affected by eucalyptus, lotus and pine. To bring help in the exact spheres can:
  • lavender for harmony and peace;
  • juniper - to get rid of the negative;
  • lemon - for confidence and vitality.
To avoid the invasion of the negative from the outside to health, Feng Shui uses aromatherapy with incense.

A family

For family wellbeing, lilac, lily and lavender aromas can be used in the home. Depending on the desired result, you can add:
  • Lemon - for confidence and harmony;
  • Rosemary - to create an atmosphere of friendliness and sincere conversation;
  • pine - for the health of the whole family.

Love and intimacy

To create a love atmosphere, use vanilla, jasmine and patchouli. These smells in feng shui are responsible for love and intimacy. If desired, you can use:
  • Grapefruit - for a sense of romanticism and lightness;
  • ylang ylang and sandal - to increase sexuality and attraction;
  • carnations - for a strong relationship between partners.
For a romantic dinner, the delicate flavors of lily and orange are also suitable, they increase passion.

Glory and popularity

Glory and popularity are accompanied by smells of lemon grass, bergamot and sandalwood. For amplification, we use:
  • cypress - for good luck;
  • jasmine - for self-confidence;
  • mint - for the acquisition of useful links.


For financial well-being, fragrances of sandalwood, cinnamon and orange are ready to compete. To attract wealth use also:
  • patchouli - to attract money;
  • jasmine - for certainty;
  • Basil - for material prosperity.
These fragrances can decorate the place where money is stored in the house or surround the purse.

Many aromas in aromatherapy according to Feng Shui are repeated in several spheres. Comparing and evaluating them, you can easily compose your own versatile bouquet of smells for the house.
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