Fast breakfast for the child before the school: TOP 5 ideas

In the morning before the school, moms are usually limited not only in time and fantasy. All that mother has thought up to prepare, it is necessary to persuade somehow to eat something. In the morning, this is a matter of the highest complexity. The child did not wake up and reluctantly quartet almost everything that fell into his plate. Therefore, many parents wonder: the quick and useful it is to feed the child before the school. In this difficult matter can fire simple breakfast ideas for the schoolboy.

Useful sandwiches

Children love all sorts of sandwiches, sandwiches and other "sushi". You can make this technique as useful as possible. For breakfast, a schoolchild with tea can serve a sandwich of lavash. It can put everything that a child loves. It can be tomatoes, homemade mayonnaise, pieces of chicken or beef, greens and cheese. In addition, in pita bread it is possible to add a third carrot and other useful products. You can also make a simple sandwich, replacing mayonnaise with homemade, and sausage with boiled fillet or beef.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is the perfect breakfast for the schoolboy. However, not all children agree to eat it. Here you can go to the tricks. For example, cheese cakes or a casserole. These dishes can be frozen for a short while and simply heated in the morning in the microwave. On top of the appetite, you can pour the dish with sour cream or syrup.

In addition to casserole, you can prepare the air mass from whipped cottage cheese and sweet additives in the form of dried apricots, a young man, honey and berries. This mixture to smear toast or bread. The mass does not have to be sweet. Cottage cheese can be beaten with salt, greens and a small amount of spices.


Omelette is the most common breakfast of millions of families. It is prepared by almost everyone and very few people do not eat. For breakfast, a schoolboy can safely serve different versions of scrambled eggs and scrambled eggs. The flight of fantasy is simply unlimited. You can serve it with croutons, inside toasted bread, with vegetables and slices of meat. Usually, children eagerly eat eggs.

Lazy oatmeal

Porridge is convenient to prepare and prefers children more than the classically cooked oatmeal. You can involve the child in the preparation. This will significantly increase the chances of breakfast being eaten.

To prepare lazily oatmeal, take a jar and fill it with a quarter cup of oatmeal and a quarter of a glass of yogurt. After adding a third of a glass of milk, sugar to taste and preferred fillers. It can be dried fruits, bananas, cocoa another. Bank tightly closed and put in the refrigerator for the whole night. In the morning, you can serve the dish to the table. It is important to take oatmeal cooking, which assumes cooking.

Buckwheat with milk

Such an uncomplicated breakfast will easily fill the body with useful microelements for physical and mental activity. You can add sugar, fruit and honey to the schoolchild for breakfast. Children eat buckwheat more readily than oatmeal. Therefore, such breakfast can help mom in the morning. In addition, buckwheat can be cooked in the evening and in the morning just fill it with milk.

There are also common tricks. It is necessary to decorate the plate. You can also make the food special. For example, regular cutlets for the whole family and small for the baby. This causes the children to be interested and will encourage them to eat.

Nourishing a child in the morning is really problematic for many mothers. However, it is important to remain calm and resort to fiction. This will allow the child to go to school well and with a good mood.
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