The most dangerous myths about food

Chris Gunners is one of the most famous and sought-after American dieticians. This man conducted a thorough research of some products and debunked the myths about them. He presented his works to humanity, supporting them with facts.


Eggs, many people are completely excluded from their diet. It is considered that they are a storehouse of cholesterol and provoke cardiovascular diseases. In fact, it's a myth. The thing is that with the eggs in the body comes useful cholesterol. It helps in the production of hormones hormones is the building material for new cells throughout the body. Therefore, eggs are a useful project and they are needed in the diet. It is true that people who are obese are not recommended to use the yolk for the night. It contains fats. The morning use of eggs along with the yolk is useful for them and helps to lose weight.

Saturated fats in butter, hard cheese and meat

These products have long been accused of heart problems in humans. An experienced group of doctors and nutritionists conducted a study, involving 350,000 people. The experiment showed that these products increase the level of only useful cholesterol in the human blood. Moreover, they are able to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol and thereby help the human heart and blood system.


Signs are indispensably included in the diet of mankind. Today, it is rare to find a diet that does not include their use. However, Chris Gunners does not consider them useful at all. The thing is that our gastrointestinal tract is not completely adapted for digesting grain products. In addition, they contain less useful micronutrients compared to vegetables and fruits. Most cereal products also contain non-nutrient gluten. Therefore, they often cause reaction allergies. Fetinic acid, contained in cereals, binds useful elements in the digestive system and makes it difficult to digest them into the body. It follows that the great benefits of cereals are a myth.

Products with low fat content

The use of low-fat products is a myth! In fact, completely fat-free foods completely lose their taste. And it's impossible to eat and their taste completely does not correspond to marketing systems. For popularity and taste, various sweeteners and flavor enhancers are added to products without fat. This is extremely harmful to the human body. It is much more dangerous, than there are products with natural indicators of fat content.

Fractional power

Chris Gunners questioned and frequent meals in small portions. His numerous studies have shown that this is not only not too useful, but also dangerous. Subjects who fed a fractional had a greater risk of developing colon cancer. At the same time, the weight indices of the group with asthma feeding and gr with meals 3 times a day did not differ. The intake of food really accelerates human metabolism. However, for a very short time.

The human body can not do without a process called autophagy. Thus, the purification of the cells of our organism from the products of food decay is indicated. With frequent feeding this process is difficult.

High carbohydrate diets are healthier

Investigations of the American dietician show that this is a myth. In fact, a diet high in fat and protein is more useful. With the help of such a diet, you can lose weight, lower blood pressure, reduce sugar and multiply the amount of good cholesterol in the blood. From fatty foods do not get better. Weight increases from consumption of high-calorie food. If you eat feces more than you spend, then the weight grows.

From the work of an American nutritionist, you can safely conclude that not all marketing facts can be trusted. To maintain the health of your body, it is better to rely on more reliable sources.
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