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In a woman everything should be beautiful: stylish and fashionable clothes, a tight figure, well-chosen make-up. Particular attention should be paid to the hair. Healthy, strong, shiny hair attracts the looks of men. And the girl herself will feel confident in any situation, since she knows that she looks worthy. Well, if nature is not stingy and awarded a magnificent head of hair. And if not? In fact, not much depends on nature, especially now, if you want from any girl you can make a beauty queen. But, even without special procedures and treatment course, the trichologist can improve the condition of the hair. Nothing complicated in this. If you stick to these simple rules, you will soon notice that the hair has returned to shine, they began to appear thicker and more beautiful.

Proper nutrition

Do you use various hair rinses, make masks regularly, and your hair is still dull and lifeless? Remember one important rule. The condition of the hair depends not so much on the means of caring for them, but also on what you eat. If you follow a diet, trying to lose weight, do not be surprised that hair thinning, lose shine and elasticity.

Fundamentals of proper nutrition

How to eat right? There are foods that promote hair growth:
  1. Protein. Hair 97% consist of keratin, and this is a protein substance. Therefore, girls who dream of a thick head of hair, you can not give up meat. It is important to get protein from food, because it is the main building material for hair.
  2. Vitamins, first of all, of group B. Our body does not always absorb these or other substances well. So, for the full assimilation of proteins, vitamins are needed.
  3. Fatty acid. If they are not enough, it immediately affects the hair condition negatively. Fatty acids we get from meat and fish.
  4. Products that contain tyrosine. It is an amino acid, due to which the necessary enzymes are produced. These enzymes give hair a color.
  5. Water. Lack of moisture also adversely affects the condition of the hair. If you want to be proud of your hair, drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day.

What exactly is to make your hair beautiful

We found out that a protein is needed for the hair. It can be obtained not only from meat, but also from other foods. If you include them in the menu, you will supply your not only with the necessary amino acids, but also other useful substances. So, if you want your hair to become thick and beautiful, then on your table there must be these products:
  1. A fish. It is one of the best and available sources of protein. It has many useful fats, vitamin B12, zinc. Omega-3 fatty acids are needed not only for hair, but also for the heart, they help to stabilize the mood.
  2. Meat. If you are looking for a record holder for protein and fatty acids, there is no alternative to meat. In 200 grams of red meat - 33 grams of protein, as well as many vitamins B3 and B12, zinc and iron. A lot of protein and in chicken meat - in 170 g about 40 g of protein. Chicken or turkey breasts contain 22-25 g of protein in 100 g.
  3. Eggs. Regularly eat eggs. One testicle contains 6 g of protein. And it is most useful, because it is well absorbed. In eggs, there is a lot of vitamin B12 and biotin.
  4. Cottage cheese. In 150 grams of cottage cheese - 25 g of protein we need, as well as a lot of calcium. But he has one drawback. This protein is digested slowly, but this does not mean that it is worth giving up cottage cheese.
  5. Vegetables and fruits. They have a lot of vitamins. They are necessary not only for normal growth and beauty of hair, but also for strengthening the body as a whole.
  6. Beans. If you want to find a record holder for protein content in plant foods, then this is legumes. So, the bean, red or white, contains from 22 to 25 g of protein. In addition, they are sources of potassium, magnesium, folic acid and iron.
  7. Nuts and seeds. A lot of tyrosine in peanuts, sesame, walnuts, almonds. They have a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. In 2013, a study was published that confirmed the fact that you need to eat about a handful of nuts daily. Then the probability of dying from various diseases is reduced by 20%. This is the source of protein. Especially a lot of protein in cashews, in second place - hazelnuts, followed by almonds and walnuts.

How to take good care of hair

Proper nutrition is the basis, thanks to him the hair will be shiny and beautiful. However, this is not all. They need proper care.
  1. Choose a shampoo that will be ideal for your hair. There is no universal remedy that could be advised to all girls or women. If you can not find the shampoo that you need, consult a hairdresser. Asking your girlfriends is not worth it, because the remedy that came up to them may not be compatible with your hair. The choice of shampoo is a complicated matter, because you need to consider the type of hair, and then, they are hard or soft, colored or not, etc. Perhaps you need therapeutic shampoos. Therefore, there can not be a universal council here, it is necessary to choose a detergent individually.
  2. Regularly take care of hair with various means. It can be balms or conditioners, also selected individually. Now special cosmetics are being sold, enriched with vitamins and trace elements. At least once a week, apply a mask on your hair. So, very useful burdock oil, shea butter or mango. Preheat 2 tbsp. l. oil on a water bath and evenly distribute along the entire length of the hair. Wrap the head with a towel and leave the oil for 40-50 minutes. If you have damaged hair, the mask with the egg will help. Take 1 or 2 eggs, mix with 2-3 tsp. water until a uniform mass is obtained. Apply it to the hair and hold for about 20 minutes.
  3. Never strongly pull hair with an elastic band, do not braid tight braids. Passing hair is very harmful, because their structure is disturbed. In addition, the blood supply deteriorates, that is, the bulbs are not supplied with sufficient nutrients. To then decide the damaged hair, you will have to undergo a course of treatment with the trichologist.
  4. Correctly choose a comb. Do not believe the myths that wooden combs are the best. If you like them, you can also use them. But remember that they will quickly absorb sebum and become dirty. Therefore, they should be washed regularly with shampoo or soap. Well protect the scalp massage combs, which have balls at the ends of the denticles. Just do not forget to clean them regularly.
  5. Comb your hair. Earlier the ladies forced servants to comb them before bed. This habit has appeared for them for a reason. During combing, the sebaceous glands work better. With the help of a comb, we distribute sebum through the hair. And it, in turn, protects them. Therefore, if you have time, every morning and every evening, comb your hair. Conduct a comb from the scalp to the tips of the hair at least 30-40 times.
  6. Protect hair from ultraviolet rays. They have a negative effect on the hair, accelerate hair loss. It is not enough just to wear panamas, because the fabric does not protect against ultraviolet radiation. If you have weakened hair, buy hair gels with SP-factor. Those who do not like to use gels, you can advise in the summer not to go out without a panama or cap, treated with means with SP-filter. There are also fibers that have UV protection, such as cannabis fibers. You can buy a hat woven from them.
Hair care is a vast topic, it's hard to tell about everything in one article, but the main points we touched upon. If your hair falls out, they become brittle and dull, and proper nutrition and other ways to strengthen hair at home did not help, contact the trichologist. The doctor will conduct a survey, examine the condition of the hair and prescribe the treatment, if necessary, refer to another specialist, for example, an endocrinologist. Sometimes problems with hair appear due to malfunctions in the body and, until you eliminate them, you will not be able to recover. If you are healthy, you can apply to beauty salons, where procedures are currently being carried out, which activate blood supply and improve intracellular nutrition of tissues. Careful care, proper nutrition will help you to transform, make your hair strong and beautiful.
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