The divorce of Yevgeny Petrosyan and Stepanenko

Yevgeny Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko already became a legend during their lifetime. They were together for about 30 years, not only at home, but also at work. This pair was deservedly considered one of the strongest in show business. And the more disappointed many admirers, when the details of their personal life surfaced. But it can not be said that it was an unpleasant surprise. Rumors of conflicts in the family, about Yevgeny Vaganovich's treason, have long been heard.


For the first time that Petrosyan is betraying his wife, they started talking in 2008. At the same time, they began to discuss the systematic betrayals of the country's main humorist, but Elena Stepanenko did not hurry up the scandal. She either kept silent, or said that everything was good in their family. Eugene Vaganovich himself also denied everything, calling rumors idiotic. He believed that someone deliberately spread them, because he and his wife did not give reason for such assumptions. Petrosyan confidently said that all this lies, they did not even quarrel with his wife.

It is not known whether his wife believed him or not, but before all persistently defended him. In the interview, she argued that acting artists do not need PR, especially detesting their family. After all, they perform together. The audience, she said, wrote a note in which they were asked about their divorce. Then, 10 years ago, she denied everything, and according to her, fans, hearing this, gratefully thanked. Elena Stepaneko assured everyone that she was very happy in marriage and did not understand why everything had to be destroyed by lies.

But, nevertheless, there were rumors that Petrosyan spends time with strangers while his wife rests at home or is busy on tour. They also remembered the fact that before this actor was married 3 times. And each of his marriage quickly disintegrated.


Why the couple still decided to divorce, it is unknown. But they say that Tatyana Brukhunova, 29-year-old personal assistant Petrosian, became the reason for the discord in the family. She works for an artist for several years, helps him with the organization of events, goes with him on tour and is rumored to be his mistress. But the reason for the divorce is not that. Elena Stepanenko has long closed her eyes to the adventures of her husband. But the fact that he gave his museum two elite apartments in Moscow could not leave her indifferent. It was after this that she decided to divorce.

However, the couple's friends do not agree with these rumors. They are sure that artists are divorced for a more commonplace reason: ordinary fatigue from each other. Their colleague Natalia Korysteleva says that Elena Grigorievna shared her experiences with her. On the question of whether she wants to make the next issue, answered that she was tired, wants to study the house, grow flowers. Natalia recalls that they did not have a normal family. So, when they went with concerts to the south, Petrosyan never swam in the sea, he was always busy with work. She is sure that being a creative person's wife is very difficult.

Property division

Whatever it was, the divorce was not without scandals. Eugene Vaganovich hoped that this final stage of their life together will be more peaceful, they will be able to maintain mutual respect, creative cooperation, will help each other. But Elena Grigorevna is not ready to make concessions. When divorced, she stated that she claimed 80% of the property acquired together. Considering that we are talking about 1.5 billion rubles, that is, about huge sums. The couple owns more than one apartment in Moscow, cottages, cars. But all this is recorded on Petrosyan. And Stepanenko owns only a dacha in Lyubertsy. In addition, the right to "Crooked Mirror" is also from Yevgeny Vaganovich, and this project was very popular.

Petrosyan's lawyer Sergei Zhorin is completely on the side of his client. He believes that in their pair has long been no spiritual intimacy and understanding, moreover, for 15 years the couple do not live together. Despite this, Eugene Vaganovich is ready to divide everything in half, without taking into account the fact that he was the main source of income in the family. But Elena Grigorevna still hopes to get much more than she is supposed to under the law. On the decision of the court, we learn on September 6. The lawyer is struck by the fact that Stepanenko is ready to share not only apartments and cars, but even pretend to expensive Petrosian watches.
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