Be careful: children!

Fortunately, many couples do not think their life without children, and this is absolutely true! Yes, the children demand, but they give many times more, and in fact, the children are not to blame if there is discord between the mother and the father.

Children themselves growing up experiencing their crises, and this of course affects the family, but do not be afraid of it! During the maturation of the child, the spouses get closer, and the relationship becomes even stronger.

The First Crisis

Many married couples are seriously experiencing pregnancy, and it seems that a baby will be born - and everything will be fine, but within a month after birth, parents understand that optimism was premature.

Every day, the baby sleeps less, but cries more, requires all attention. The coma accumulates physical fatigue, then moral, and all this affects the mood and relationships: outbursts of anger, periodic depression. And yet, there is either a sense of guilt, or inferiority "Well, why can all, everyone is normal, but we do not." . . As a result, by the first year of the child, the relationship can come to naught. Indifference and indifference to the wife from his wife, absolute confidence in his insignificance in men.

How to survive without loss

Rule one: often leave your dad with a baby tete-a-tete.

Rule two: never divide even verbally, for example, "we are here with a child, and you ...". Separation can strengthen in the subconscious, and this causes a stable sense of resentment and uselessness.

Mummy should always be beautiful: yes, spacious dressing gowns and T-shirts are comfortable and psychologically relaxing, but stylish and attractive clothes keep in shape and tone and give a mood, because you are primarily a woman.

The crisis of three years

This crisis is the most obvious, it will be heard not only by relatives and neighbors, but also by others. The demand of the child to fall to the floor and demand a toy in the supermarket, or with hysteria not want to go home with a walk is difficult not to notice. Even the most attentive, understanding and psychologically strong parents lose patience and lower their hands. Such riots of the child raise questions. Papa reproaches her mother for spoiling the baby, and her mother reproaches the pope for cruelty and inhumanity. The surrounding blame just parents. But what to do? Everything is more complicated here. . . The proposals for solving the problem are different for everyone, and now the conflict is brewing. . .

How to survive without loss

It is necessary to separate the issues of upbringing and relations in general. They argued, talked about the baby, but not to endure a scandal on the relationship between themselves.

We try to restrain ourselves. Do not immediately focus on the shortcomings of a partner.

You can never quarrel in front of a baby, children of three years are already perfectly able to manipulate, and will eventually translate the quarrel of parents into their own, the right direction. Father and mother are a united front, all disagreements - so that the child does not hear.

Crisis of the first class

The child listens to the parents, you can talk and agree on any issue. The child finds a circle of his hobbies and friends. And here the problem is, the child becomes independent, with his desires and thoughts. It seems to be great, the child has grown. But with an unaccustomed freedom, parents seem too much, when behind cares and difficulties, many families are simply lost, how to be further, and why are they together at all? According to statistics, 35% of divorces occur in this period, the partners understand that they are different, and the interests are different, and only the child held them.

How to survive without loss

We start family traditions, this time should be designated as something pleasant: cycling, a romantic evening in a cafe, etc., by interests.

Difficult with common interests? It does not matter, not all married couples have common and sincere interests. But respect the hobbies and hobbies of the second half - be sure! Communicate, interest, discuss, walk, a sense of community will bond the marriage.

The crisis of adolescence

This period begins with the child's anger and the question "were you not young?". No matter how advanced parents are, there is a new generation, and we are obsolete for it. But you want to be important and important for your child. . . And we begin to surround him with unnecessary care, well, let him protest, we need to tell the child to follow. . . we begin to interfere in the personal life of our child, friendship and love.

How to survive without loss

Try to look at life from the other side, make new friends and acquaintances, this will give a stream of fresh air. Just talk, and with old and new friends, and not alone, but with your spouse and family.

Hold hands, kiss each other, hug, bodily contact brings together, just be there, and feelings through physical contact will remind you.

You need to demonstrate your attitude towards the child. He must understand that his parents love him madly, but they also have their own private life. This will help avoid manipulation by parents, playing on the weaknesses, but most importantly, this relationship will bring up the correct concept of the family in the child.

The child will always know what is loved, that he is respected, and will also love and respect his parents.
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