12 Secrets of a Strong Family

Each of us has his own ideas about happiness in the family, and it seems that there is simply no "formula". But, psychologists have identified 12 points, relying on which, you can determine that the marriage is truly happy and strong. Of course, no one gives a 100% guarantee, marriages are broken, and these are not isolated cases, but knowing the secrets, there are more chances to be together until the golden wedding.

And now some statistics:
  • 51% of women believe that children will help save the family;
  • 41% of women believe that the core of marriage and family is responsibility;
  • 37% say that the family is held by love;
  • 28% prefer the loyalty of the partner;
  • 21% rely on sex;
  • 8% believe that the union holds together money.

1. When both are set up to create a family

Yes, it's kind of elementary, but not all couples who played the wedding are given such a goal. They sign because "it's time", parents squeeze or out of vengeance of old love. The goal should be the same - to create an excellent family, to connect together your plans and hopes.

2. We are excellent, but I can not lose

It is extremely important in the family to keep their own world and personal identity, otherwise you can simply dissolve in your second half by giving up all your desires and dreams. But isolation should not be too strong, in a family where We do not suppress. I do not have such accusations. "Make a choice, or I or ..." Common values ​​are great, but do not forget about your hobbies and interests, but with this partner should not feel that he is in the background of these same interests.

3. Optimism within the family

The psychological attitude of seven and the house should be such that it would be desirable to return there, so that it would be a refuge for both partners. In order not to happen from the outside, problems with neighbors, at work - you can not let the negative into the aura of the family. Your little world must be invulnerable, and you must not let it be destroyed by others. Ill-wishers and problems are always a lot in the outside world, but there must always be clear weather at home.

4. About family traditions

Traditions in the family must necessarily be present, and it does not matter whether they are inherited or you wrote them together when you were together. The main thing is that they must unite and unite, cement the union. If the family overgrows with customs, then there is a past, and accordingly a strong future. Look at old family photos, and you will understand that traditions are really great!

5. Laughter in the house

You laugh amicably watching the pranks of the kitten or over the movies, harmlessly joking with each other. If both spouses laugh at some things, then the views are common, and this is a big plus, this is the foundation of trusting and reliable relations.

6. When you can tell everything

You need not be afraid to talk about your doubts, worries and fears. Tell the partner that you do not like, discuss this question no matter how hard the topic becomes. Confess in the inmost - and they will understand you. And especially this point is important for women. After all, relations are a kind of verbal agreement.

7. Common values

If you want a child, and the husband says that it's too early and he can become a burden, let's live for ourselves - this shows that the values ​​are different, and it does not matter whether they are good or bad. This leads to conflicts and to the private struggle at the subconscious level, such a struggle will simply kill confidence and love. Conversely, it's much easier to talk with someone who shares your views. And it's not scary if there was a dispute where to go to rest, the main thing is that the spouses as a whole are on the same scale and are ethically unified.

8. Regarding the respect

Love and passion is, of course, the basis of marriage, but without respect, they can not hold the family together. Without mutual respect, with constant criticism and distrust, one can not survive. We must appreciate the dignity and not be jealous of hobbies.

9. Victims in the name of

We certainly talk about a voluntary victim, when you want to sacrifice in the direction of your loved one. Intractability often entails scandals, silent insults, and as a consequence - divorce. To make concessions in a relationship is a common practice, and you do not need to consider yourself a "superhero".

10. Difficulties unite

In difficult moments, the partners draw closer, fueled by the spirit of the second half. In families, "fudge" is the opposite - a difficult situation, and the marriage is bursting at the seams: problems with money - and constant scandals, the baby was born - and the husband can not stand it just does not happen at home. Support is the guarantee of a strong family.

11. And we are able to agree

Of course, quarrels and disagreements will happen, but the desire to resolve the conflict and overcome the crisis period is an indicator of the success of marriage. It is necessary to properly exclude from quarrels, and the main thing should be the desire to save the family. To do this, just listen to your soul mate, try to get in his place, find a compromise and do without insults.

12. A little care

The husband is sick - you treat him with mustard plaques and honey, the husband knowing how tired you are, slowly collects the children and goes with them for a walk. Psychological care is very important, it causes a feeling of gratitude and gives a whole cascade of emotions that strengthen the marriage.

A few family bonuses:
  • couples are 1, 5 times more likely to consider themselves happy;
  • 1 2 times more often make love;
  • 15% more earn;
  • for 5 years, live longer.
Let your family always be happy!
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