Chiklit: books about women and women

What is chicklit? This is a women's modern literature in all its diversity. The book market regularly replenishes with new novels, whose target audience are the fair sex. The genre was formed about 30 years ago in Europe. Currently, it is one of the most in demand in the book industry.

Types of Chiclite

To consider that only the naive romantic stories that invariably end with a wedding are mistaken for a ciclist. The fact is that the genre was formed on the basis of the tastes of the readers. And they are known to be diverse. Do you like detectives? You should look for new items among Thriller Chicklit (women's detectives). Are you interested in the life of the stars? Feel free to choose for yourself the books of the genre Lifestyle Chicklit. In them, the backdrop for events will certainly be luxurious apartments, and the characters themselves will lead a chic life.

For housewives who appreciate home comfort, Homebirds Chicklit is designed. In these books, the main character will focus on family values. Love, when the pages of flashing mentions of delicacies? Gourmet Chicklit is aimed at girls who sympathize with cooking. Separate mention deserves books for women, concentrated at work - Business Chicklit. The main character in such novels, as a rule, faces serious difficulties, climbing the career ladder.

What chikilit?

Despite significant differences, the works of this genre always distinguish a simple, pleasant syllable that allows you to relax and get pleasure from reading. In most stories, the main characters do not just overcome the obstacles that fate throws at them. As a rule, the characters find themselves by the end of the story and begin to better understand others. If they can not cope with some difficulties, they change their attitude towards them.

The general mood of such books can be characterized as life-affirming. Many authors specifically describe the main heroines of ordinary girls with their own merits and demerits. Thanks to this, readers can compare themselves with them. Observations for the characters can encourage positive changes in their lives or make them look at the problems in a new way.

Signed Books of Chiklit

Perhaps you are already familiar with the ciclite by its most discussed bestsellers. If not, then familiarity with the genre should start with the most popular book - "Bridget Jones Diary" by Helen Fielding. The main heroine of the novel seeks to excel at work, struggles with bad habits and, of course, dreams of personal happiness. The ability to laugh at themselves and a fair amount of stubbornness help Bridget cope with difficulties. Perhaps, it is for these qualities that the heroine became fond of many readers.

Roman Lauren Weisberger "The Devil Wears Prada" narrates about a girl trying to make a career as a journalist. She becomes secretary of the editor-in-chief of the glossy magazine. Strict boss and lack of sense of style - provincial Andy will have to learn a lot before she understands what her vocation is.

What woman does not like to shop? Sophie Kinsella, the protagonist of The Secret World of Shopaholic, has big problems with this. The fact is that getting new clothes turned for Rebecca Bloomwood into an obsession. Change her life, she decides only to be on the verge of a personal financial crisis. However, the struggle against shopaholicism does not hinder the search for the second half.
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