Cryotherapy - what can be cured cold

Since ancient times, medical luminaries have stated that almost everything in our world can be used as a medicine. And at that time there was still no modern technology that modern doctors use.

But the cold, they used quite skillfully. The first information on the benefits of cold was mentioned by Hippocate and Avicenna.

But the most interesting thing is that cold treatment is very actual today, and in current medicine this is a whole branch - cryotherapy.

No swelling!

Cold perfectly copes with edema, in case of injury, fracture, dislocation, put the ice as early as possible, no later than 3 hours of the ambassador of the injury. If the period is missed, the swelling will already form and the cold will not help.

Relieve pain

Cold perfectly anesthetizes by reducing the sensitivity of nerve endings. If, for example, the head hurts, you need to stand in cold water, on the ankle, and stand for 3-4 minutes, then wipe your feet, put on socks and walk for about 5 minutes.

We are saved from burns

With burns, ice is irreplaceable. Treatment with sprays and ointments will be a little later, when the severity of the burn is visible, but the cold helps reduce the burn area.

The main thing to remember the rule, the more carefully the area of ​​the burn is cooled, the sooner it will pass. The bottom line is that cells die not only on contact with hot, but also after, and the cold increases resistance to external influences. It stops heat damage and prevents deep burns. First with a burn - hold the wound under the cold for 15 minutes.

Strengthening immunity

Cold hardens well and increases the protective properties of the body, and this does not mean that you need to swim in an ice pond. Enough to limit the contrast shower, do gymnastics in the fresh air (for residents of apartments you can even on the balcony).

And in the beauty salons you can find such a service as cryosauna. This is a special chamber of the type of solarium, and the system cools only the first layer of skin, so that you can not be afraid of hypothermia. Cryosauna stimulates the work of vessels, intensive narrowing and expansion, thereby the exchange process improves, and immunity is strengthened. The number of procedures should be determined by a specialist.

And, daily washing with ice cubes will rejuvenate the skin, make it supple and give a healthy healthy color.

Be healthy!
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