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There are girls who prefer to live in proud solitude, build a career or develop their own business. But, nevertheless they are in the minority. You can argue with this, you can not take this point of view, but still real women have always sought to be the keeper of the hearth. What could be more beautiful than creating a cosiness in a house, waiting for a loved one to work with a hot dinner, raising children, putting in this soul? But to make the puzzle come together, you must first find the very one. Even if someone likes it, it is difficult to build relationships with him, because often girls are embarrassed, do not want to show initiative. But this is a wrong approach. Our destiny is in our hands. So you can wait until your 30th prince and nothing to wait. Now there are thousands of techniques that can help attract the attention of the opposite sex. Why not use one of them?

What captures the looks of men

Why reinvent the wheel, if everything is already thought out for us? Scientists, psychologists carefully studied the issues of gender relations and made their conclusions. Based on them, you can think over the strategy of your behavior.
  1. Symmetrical face. In us, it is inherent in nature to strive for harmony. Therefore, the symmetrical face of the girl will attract the views of men. This happens at the level of instincts, since it speaks about the presence of good genes. While asymmetry is a sign of poor health and possible problems with childbearing. If you want to be desired, learn how to apply makeup correctly. He corrects the natural shortcomings, if they are, visually make the face symmetrical.
  2. Wide hips. Girls, do not rush to lose weight. According to scientists, wide hips also attract the opposite sex. This occurs at the level of instincts, because it indicates that the woman will have a healthy offspring. But the presence of excess weight will frighten off rather than attract, so the ideal proportions of the waist and hips, according to experts, 7:10.
  3. Long hands. The fact that the "feet from the ears" - it's beautiful, they know more than one generation of women. According to the latest polls, men are attracted to women with long arms. If you want to attract the eye, you need to visually extend this part of the body, that is, wear tops without sleeves.
  4. Luxurious hair. If you have naturally thick and beautiful hair, do not rush to do a short haircut. Recent studies have shown that such hair is an indicator of vital energy, good health, for some even fertility. No trendy modern haircut will not replace long shiny hair, which will always attract the looks of men.

How to interest a man of the opposite sex

There are psychological techniques that really work. They can be used not only to attract a man. Want to please other people, make a pleasant impression on the employer, find friends faster? Then use one of the above techniques or all at once.
  1. Nice man. Do you often smile at other people? For sure, not often, because they are afraid that you will not understand correctly. If you do not want to, you do not have to smile, although a smile adorns the girl. But, if you want to please your interlocutor, find something good in it. Maybe he has beautiful eyes. Maybe you like his sense of humor. Or he is stylishly dressed. If you will treat your interlocutor well, he feels it on a subconscious level, because our facial features, micro-gestures betray our feelings. We can not realize this fact, but we can feel the attitude of another person towards us. If we treat him with sympathy, a reciprocal feeling will awaken.
  2. Look for a person with similar values. You can choose a partner in appearance or depending on how successful he is at the moment. But such relationships can quickly fall apart. If you want a serious relationship, such as to last a lifetime, you need to communicate, create a family with only that person, interests whose life values ​​are similar to yours. Otherwise, conflicts and complex situations are inevitable, in the future it may reach a divorce. Why start a deliberately failed relationship? It is better to wait and find someone who really suits you.
  3. Be feminine. You can talk a lot about gender equality, how important it is to be independent. But the fact remains: real men always choose affectionate, gentle, feminine girls. They want to dominate, command, but at the same time protect their woman, protect her from problems. Therefore, if you are attuned to a serious relationship, try to emphasize your femininity: come on a date in dresses, pay attention to the hairstyle, make-up. Business style, even if it's very good for you, is not relevant here.
  4. Try to be pleasant in communication. In order to arouse sympathy, it is not necessary to talk to any difficult topics on a first date, especially to teach life, discuss politics, complain about life, share your problems, etc. Communication should be easy and at ease. Try to stay positive, joke, and it will be interesting to you. Like any man, a man likes to talk about himself. Encourage it, listen to its stories, ask questions. So you will call reciprocal sympathy and, besides this, learn as much as possible about your interlocutor. Only after talking, you will be able to determine if it's your half, because neither appearance nor status can be a guarantee that your chosen one is decent, kind, caring, etc.
Listen to these tips, but remember that no article or book can predict how your relationship will develop. Each person is the Universe, with his experience, his victories and failures, so there can not be universal councils. But this is not a minus, but a plus, otherwise our life would be predictable and boring. Love and be loved, tune in to this wave of love, and all of you will definitely succeed.
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