Sound setting l: games and exercises

Sound L is difficult for most children. It is hard for babies to talk and get used to using it in speech. But the statement of the sound of A is not considered to be severe and to be carried out at home. First you need to figure out what mistakes the crumb allows.

Variants of wrong sound L and correct pronunciation

Children in different ways can make mistakes when they say the sound of L. Depending on the pathology, the child needs to put a complex sound for him.

If the child gets to say L, but it happens gently, then we can safely resort to the correct setting of the language. If the child does not speak the sound of L in words at all and pushes it, one should start with setting the soft interdental sound of L. After success, you can establish and correct the articulation of Lee's sound by automating it.

Sometimes children replace A's sound with others. More often the replacement goes to the sound B. Then during the lessons the child should be helped to maintain the desired articulation of the lips. This means that they can not be shifted forward. Perhaps the first time when setting the sound of A it is necessary to hold the baby's lips. This should be done until he is accustomed to keep them on the spot.

The position of all organs of the speech apparatus with the correct pronunciation of the sound A should be as follows:
  • lips in the position of a broad smile, teeth naked. When uttering sentences and phrases, lips may have a position depending on previous sounds. The basic condition is that they do not go up inside;
  • the incisors are not squeezed, but they are not very far from each other;
  • The tongue rests against the roots of the upper teeth or gum above them. It is allowed that it rests against the teeth;
  • The vocal cords remain closed, but vibrate;
  • the root of the tongue blocks the passage to the nasopharynx and is raised;
  • The cheeks do not adhere to the teeth, leaving room for airflow.
It is not necessary to demand immediate results from the child. Patience and understanding. For a child, these actions are complex. If the parents are calm, then the crumb will be easier to automate the sound of L.

Speech machine training

Before you start sounding, you need to prepare your lips and tongue for the lesson. Simple and fun exercises will help to do this. They can be carried out not only during the production of sound, but also at other times. They are good for the overall development of the baby's speech.

In order for the exercises on the production of sound A to bring the child pleasure, it is better to perform them together with him. All the elements must be done in front of the mirror. Preference should be given to a large mirror, in which you will see both the child and the parent.

A number of exercises for preparation:
  • "smile". This is a basic exercise that helps in the formulation of all sounds. With such a smile later, the sound of L. will be placed. To hold your lips in this state you need 5-7 seconds;
  • "tube". Put your lips with a tube. For simplicity, one can speak the sound Y out loud;
  • "doors open and close". Lips in the position of "smiles". Smoothly open your mouth. Between the incisors the distance should be about 15mm. After slowly closing the mouth;
  • Clamp the tip of the flattened tongue between the front teeth. Retract and blow air through the side openings;
  • "needle". Insert and poke a sharp tongue between the slightly opened incisors. Repeat 10 times;
  • "Pancake". A wide and relaxed tongue is placed on the lower lip and held without tension for 7 seconds. If you can not relax the tongue, you should massage him. It is easy to knock on him pressing his upper sponge, making sounds "be-ba-ba";
  • "the rocker". A wide, relaxed tongue is placed inside the mouth so that it occupies the entire space and comes close to the lower teeth behind the lower teeth. He should not crush them. Considering: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, you need to raise the tongues for the upper teeth. Keep it relaxed and flat. Repeat exercise 5 times. Such training may not work the first time;
  • "horse". One of the favorite exercises for children. You just need to click the tongue to imitate the clatter of hooves. We must try not to wiggle the lower jaw;
  • "turkey". Language in the position of a relaxed pancake lift on the upper sponge and drive them along it to the right and left. At the same time making a sound bl-bl, as if say turkey;
  • "sweetie". Tighten the tongue and rest against it alternately in the left and right cheeks. Repeat 10 times;
  • "Parahod" It is necessary to pronounce the sound in a long time. It is necessary to watch that the teeth do not close;
After such exercises, you can proceed to the production of sound L at home. To do this, you can choose one of the most convenient options for the child.

Sound production at home

There are three ways of arranging the sound of L. With them, you can start the production before working on the correct pronunciation.

If the child does not speak the sound of L, swallowing it in words, then a method with an open mouth will do for him. To do this, do not open your mouth very much and pronounce the sound of A. At that time, interrogate the pieces with the tongue to the upper teeth. Thus, you can get the sound of A in combination with A. If the child gets a soft A, then this method should be postponed.

When the sound is mildly pronounced and replaced with sound B, you can use this method of setting. The tip of the tongue is clamped between the teeth and pronounces the sound. Thus, we get the child's interdental pronunciation. After automation of the century in speech, one can proceed to correcting for correct articulation.

When a child speaks a sound in a speech, but it is wrong to do this, one must start right away with the correct sound setting. When the tongue rests against the upper incisors or gum above them.

After the sound is set, you can proceed to automate it. It is important to keep calm and do not rush the baby. Remember that proper speech development is the key to correct perception and lays the skills for reading and writing.
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