Makeup in the style of Selena Gomez

American actress and singer Selena Gomez became popular at a fairly young age. However, she never tried to shock the public. Possessing by nature a bright appearance, the star adheres to the principles of moderation in the use of decorative cosmetics. However, her makeup has some special characteristics. Taking them into service, you can embody both the day and evening version of the image of the star.

Matt leather

It is unlikely that it will be possible to find out whether Miss Gomez really has the perfect skin or lack of imperfections is the result of the competent use of tonal means. In any case, you will need to arm with a tonal base with a matte finish, if there are signs of fatigue on the face or inflammations present. For feathering, use a makeup brush with synthetic pile.


If you want to visually change your face, a sculpting palette will help you. With her help, you can make the face wider - just like Selena. You will achieve the desired effect if you put a brown tone in the area under the cheekbones. It is recommended to use a dry sculptor, as it is easier to shade. Light shade work through the center of the forehead and chin.

Light blush

The use of a sculpting pallet can give the person excessive rigidity. To neutralize this effect, use blush. The shade of the withered rose goes to almost all the girls, so it makes sense to choose it. Apply blush is supposed to be cheekbones and a little lower. Do not be afraid to put them on top of the sculptor. In the end, this will make the makeup more natural.

Eyebrow shaping

If you look at the photos of Selena Gomez, it becomes obvious that the shape of her eyebrows does not involve sharp kinks. If your eyebrows have a similar shape, it will be enough just to increase the saturation of their color by using a pencil or shadows. Without saving tweezers for help, you can hide the existing fracture with the help of a sweater for eyebrows.

Eye Makeup

As a base, you can use a light gray shade of matte shadows. Selena Gomez rarely draws arrows with the help of eyeliner. In order to draw attention to your own eyes, the star uses shadows of a graphite shade. Dampen the brush and draw the arrows, slightly lifting the tip up. With the length of the tip is not worth experimenting (maximum 1 cm). The same shade is supposed to circle your eyes along the contour.

Brown shade of shadows put on a fold of an eyelid and shade. Just above the arrow, drawn in a graphite tint, draw a line and blend the boundaries between the two tones, creating a smooth transition.

Since you have applied fairly bright colors for ages, refrain from excessive use of carcass - just one layer is enough. For the evening version of makeup lovers of false eyelashes should use beams in a moderate amount. If you decide to use false eyelashes with a base tape, discard unnecessarily lush models - the image should remain natural.

Lip Makeup

Most often, Selena Gomez uses peach-colored lipsticks. To give the make-up clarity, first circle the lips around the contour with a pencil of this shade and then apply lipstick. Differences between shades of pencil and lipstick should be minimal. As an alternative to lipstick, it is acceptable to choose a lip gloss.
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