How to find a job for the soul?

Adulthood. It is impossible without professional self-determination. A choice that will allow the rest of your life not to work, but to enjoy the daily hike to work. Is it possible? Or is it an impossible dream?

Aspirations of youth

Ambitions of a young age are sometimes forgotten, when a person reaches 30-35 years. He understands: you need to earn money, pay loans, pay for a communal, etc.

Studentism - ambitiousness against professional self-determination

Unloved work, which is "necessary" to wake up every morning. This is the result achieved by the vast majority of people in their lives. Is it about the dream of a 16-year-old young man who dreamed of conquering the whole world?
The main secret sounds like this: a successful choice of a professional path is possible only "in interaction" with your young "I".

Conscious choice

To find a profession, there are several conscious ways:
  • university education;
  • online courses;
  • self-education.


Our whole life is a choice. Often when choosing a profession, a young man throws from side to side. He is gradually studying everything, but in fact he does not know anything.

Alma Mater - real preparation for an independent life

This is the path that universities choose. The courses they offer contain many differently directed subjects. As a result, students grab a grain of knowledge. And at the output of the ready "graduate" - still quite green youngster, who needs additional training.

Online Courses

If a person wants to improve his professional skills or try to learn something new, interesting, the online course is not the worst choice. Such a test requires self-discipline and the realization that this or that direction is really necessary.


Wand-zashchalochka, which will need a person regardless of the scope of activity.

P. S

How to choose a job for the soul? It is necessary to understand what direction of activity inspires real inspiration and desire to do this for the rest of your life.
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