He does not call! How to deal with the uncertainty at the first date?

The first dates are a period of romance, tender feelings and uncertainty. You like the new gentleman, but in the mind of some thoughts - will he write tomorrow and invite him to the next rendezvous? Another time you feel that here it is - a novel for life. But do not know what to expect: a wedding or another disappointment? Or what to wear for the first meeting, so as not to upset the chosen one? Down with anxiety and uncertainty. Read the article and put things in order in your head.

Be interested in yourself

It is difficult to influence what is beyond personal control. It takes away energy and leads to depression. But much is in our power.

Did you like the young man? Take the initiative in your own hands. Make the man interested in you. But remember that it's your business to sow a seed for the birth of a relationship, but whether it will rise or not depends on other circumstances.

Instead of stupidly waiting for a phone call and being nervous, take care of your favorite business and self-development. Men like balanced, adequate and inquisitive girls.

But if unbearable will cope with anxiety, embroider, meditate, drink calming tea and relax in nature.

Do not make yourself an idol

Do not get carried away by the new person to the point of insanity. Then your mood, plans for tomorrow and the perception of reality will depend on his reactions. The man canceled the meeting - it's a disaster. Did not give a compliment - I look awful.

Love dependence is a disease. Give the cavalier and yourself a personal space. Do this at the initial stage of the relationship, otherwise you will end up on a hospital bed.

If feelings for a person begin to drag out into the abyss, do the following. Draw a "solar system", place yourself in the center at the place of the Sun, and in orbits - close people, everyday affairs and all that is filled with your life.

It's so easy to see how far a new man is far from you, no closer than old buddies and gray everyday life. Are you ready to change plans for each such distant acquaintance? Let first try to enter into a close circle of communication. Then answer him in kind.

Invest in a relationship with the mind

Most girls are going on a date with each gentleman from a dating site, as an appointment to Vladimir Putin. Dress - trendy, make-up - catchy, manicure and pedicure - just from the salon. When the lady is disappointed in the man, it turns out that all efforts are in vain.

Do not equate the date to a "party of the year". Dress everyday, not like a ball. Then there will be no grounds for frustration. And it's easy to like and in your familiar image.

Do not wait for ratings

During a date a young man does not look at you enthusiastically? "So, I'm unattractive, I work little on myself and do not deserve a serious relationship! "- stupid and false thoughts.

Do not expect ratings from unfamiliar people and do not react to their criticism. Form your own opinion, develop confidence, improve and love yourself.

Healthy thoughts, calm and strong relationships with loved ones!
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