Slow Life: why is it useful to live slowly?

The development of technologies makes it necessary to adapt to the accelerated rhythm of life. Eternal haste does not give full enjoyment of happy moments. As a result, attempts to do everything in time do not bring satisfaction even when you manage to fulfill all the planned tasks. Is there an alternative to the eternal race?

How did the "slow" lifestyle come about?

In the 80 years of the last century the fast food industry began to develop actively. However, not everyone liked this concept. Some people thought that such an approach negatively affects the culinary traditions and interferes with the enjoyment of food. As a result, there was a movement Slow Food. A little later, the principles of Slow Life were formed on its basis. They cover all spheres of human life.

It is worth noting that Slow Life does not at all call for ignoring deadlines at work, refusing to comply with deadlines and stop following the times. The meaning of the philosophy of this lifestyle is that you need to hurry when it really is necessary. If there are no objective reasons for haste, it is worth slowing down.

Advantages of Slow Life

There are a lot of positive effects from the deliberate slowing down of the rhythm of life. While constant rush provokes anxiety and impaired sleep quality, Slow Life prevents the development of ailments. Reducing the speed of life allows you to increase awareness and enjoy small things. In general, the quality of life improves - a person learns to listen to himself, often gives preference to live communication instead of virtual communication, and pays more attention to rest, not trying to accommodate the maximum number of cases in his schedule.

How to live according to Slow Life?

To begin with it is necessary to reconsider own mode of the day. If you often complain about the lack of time, it's time to correct the situation. Do not chase after records on the number of completed cases per day. Correctly prioritizing, you can accomplish the most important things and pay attention to yourself. Do not try to do everything in time, driving yourself into an uncomfortable frame. Quickly remaking all the things would be great, but do not strive for this goal, neglecting your own health and communication with loved ones.

Monitoring the flow of information is extremely important for Slow Life. Tapes in social networks are endless, and watching videos on Youtube can take hours. Admitting around the information noise, a person assumes emotional overload. Try to constantly monitor the number of subscriptions and newsletters and do not get carried away with online discussions. The time that is spent on games in the smartphone, you can devote yourself and loved ones.

Multitasking is an excellent skill, but it is not universal. Want to delve into the contents of the book, put the phone away. Are going to write a letter, do not be distracted by extraneous matters. Otherwise, the text can not fully reflect what you wanted to say. Try to listen to yourself regularly. The opportunity to feel "inner silence" is extremely important for those who practice Slow Life. It contributes to the formation of awareness in humans.

Try not to eat in a hurry. Prepare meals, experimenting with recipes and surprising the family over and over again. Fast food and semi-finished products will not be able to give such gastronomic pleasure, like cooked roast or cake. When planning a trip, do not overload the vacation by visiting the maximum number of attractions. The desire to "see everything" can prevent you from feeling the atmosphere of the place you came to.

Remember that the insights most often visit a person during rest. Therefore, even when you are working in intensive mode, leave the time for small breaks in the chart. Slow Life implies a completely loyal approach to rest. An excellent solution will be walking tours (especially in nature). As a hobby, you can consider any relaxing exercise. Handicraft, reading of fiction, cultivation of houseplants will suit.
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