How to spend and save money? 5 original ways

Passion for shopping is the weakness of most women. We promise ourselves every day not to squander money. But, finding himself in the next store, we again succumb to the artful tricks of marketers. As a result, the wallet empties before our eyes, and yet to the next paycheck still live and live. Do you want to learn how to spend money smartly, but still put it aside? Read the article, take the information in service and share it with your close friends.

Here are 5 original ways to improve your financial well-being.

1. Do not skimp, but save

American psychologists believe that the brain is interested in what we forbid it. For example, women who lose weight think only of harmful food. So the ladies, telling themselves that it's time to save, thoughtlessly lower money for unnecessary trinkets.

Start with the right mental attitude. You do not save on yourself, but save money for rest, a fur coat, a car or a house by the sea.

2. Let the money get freedom

To buy less, create monetary freedom.

That's what the American athlete David Veliver offers. Determine how much money you will need to live next year without working. Divide the number by 52. ​​You will receive the amount that you want to postpone weekly to live 12 months carefree. Then, seeing the next sale at the sale, you will have to think a hundred times whether to buy it or not. After all, you deprive yourself of this freedom.

3. Less, but more enjoy

What do you think, when are you going to save? Probably, about refusal of pleasant trifles: frequent trips by a taxi, everyday trips to a supermarket and breakfasts in cozy cafe. Think rightly, but it brings sadness. After all, in the pursuit of a dream, you will think about what you had to give up. Do not do this.

Danish psychologist Svend Brinkmann believes that an unhealthy thirst to become happy undermines the nerves, from which the brain reacts inadequately to what is happening. Happy meetings with friends please. But sometimes communication becomes boring. It takes a breather.

Give up everyday friendly meetings, go to the movies 1-2 times a month. Such forced measures will bring more satisfaction from communicating with friends and reduce costs.

4. Hide the plastic card

Do not want to leave a bank card at home? Wrap it in a landscape sheet of paper and write: "For an emergency" or hide it deep in a bag. This trick will protect you from unnecessary and occasional purchases.

For example, you decided to spend on the tenth pair of shoes. To do this, you need to pick up a purse, unfold a card or dig into the bag to find a precious thing. Agree, extra manipulation! ? In fact, besides the map, you have so many trinkets. While going with thoughts, the idea to buy goods will disappear by itself.

5. Put coins in a coin box

Do not pay attention to small change in the bag? And in vain, after all, if every evening to put coins in a piggy bank or bank, by the end of the month a pleasant sum is formed.

In this way it will not be possible to save up for a global thing, but an off-schedule trip to the sea, a trip to the entertainment center or a new haircut will present joy and unforgettable emotions.

Try to create a separate account to transfer there penny remnants from other cards. Yes, in Bali you quickly do not store, but enough for ladies' joys.

Spend money wisely and with pleasure. Save and save money for large-scale purposes. After all, you want to pamper yourself with new purchases, without hitting your own wallet.
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