Matte Lipstick: 6 Secrets of Use

Why matte lipsticks are very popular? Among the obvious advantages for which they appreciate the fair sex, it is worth noting the dense texture, stamina and spectacular shades. However, not always it is possible to put matte lipstick ideally. What is the reason for this? It turns out that these lipsticks have several secrets.

1. Preparation of the lips

This stage is forgotten by many girls, and the result is not the perfect appearance of the lips after applying a matte lipstick. The peculiarity of this texture is that it emphasizes the imperfections on the skin. Preliminary scrubbing will help to eliminate this effect. To eliminate keratinized particles, natural home remedies can be used. For example, an excellent lip scrub is obtained by mixing sugar, honey and olive oil.

2. Comfort above all

Many matt lipsticks cause dry lips. However, there is a way to avoid this effect. Directly before applying lipstick, you should use balm or coconut oil. This measure will neutralize the effect of tightening, which is often complained of by girls when using matte textures.

3. Flawless appearance

The secret of many flawless photographs with matte lipstick in the title role is the use of a lip primer. This remedy is not the masthaev of all women's beauticians. However, it allows you to visually level the surface of the lips and extend the durability of makeup. The color saturation with the primer is much longer, and it does not feel at all on the lips.

4. Proper application

If using a lipstick with a satin finish you have a habit of rubbing lips against each other when applying, try to avoid this action when using matte textures. Optimal option for their application will be a thin brush with synthetic pile. It will achieve maximum clarity when drawing a path. If the contour turns out to be not expressive enough or an attempt was made not quite successful to change the shape of the lips, tone cream will help to correct the situation. However, it is not recommended to choose a means with too dense texture to apply to the area around the lips.

5. Layer, another layer

If you want matte lipstick looked on your lips naturally, do not be too zealous with the number of layers. Remember that the shade of matte lipstick looks more saturated than its counterparts presented in other textures. Be sure to get rid of excess lipstick by dabbing them with a napkin.

6. Make-up remover

A special stage of interaction with matte lipstick is make-up remover. Rejoicing during the day of persistence, in the evening you can experience difficulties with the removal of cosmetics. It is recommended to wash off lipstick with hydrophilic oil. But if neither his nor any other special remedy is available, he will help out the lip balm. Just put it on top of the lipstick. When it absorbs, swipe on the lips with a napkin or cotton pad.
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