Adapting a first-form student to school: how to help a first-grader?

Parents of first-graders often make mistakes and cause negative in the child. The children connect him with the school and afterwards reluctantly attend it. To prevent this from happening, a correct and calm adaptation of the child to the first class is necessary. It can be done by every parent, showing patience and love for child.

First difficulties

The parents of first-graders fall is not associated with the adaptation to the first class. She is more concerned with pleasant troubles and fees for the first call in the life of a child. Well, what can go wrong? The child before this willingly attended training courses for the first class and became friends with the guys. The first teacher completely suits the parents. Therefore, the first difficulties in the first grade for parents are commensurable with thunder among the blue.

With the right atmosphere in the family and normal relationships with parents, adaptation to the school takes place over a period of several months or up to six months. During this period, you can face such difficulties as:
  • Unwillingness to perform the necessary. This may apply to homework and work in the classroom;
  • Poor progress in the assimilation of the material. The child seems to be trying, but does not keep up with his classmates;
  • bad mood. Up to severe negativism to everything that is happening;
  • demonstrative protest. The child demonstratively rises at the lesson, does not listen to the teacher and does everything the other way around;
  • The banal laziness. does not want to go to school, do lessons, or engage in physical education.
All these negative factors depend on the atmosphere in the school. The manifestation of adaptation in the first class is influenced by the personality of the teacher, the workload of the program at school, relations with classmates, as well as a new sedentary regime and new responsibilities.

Steps of adaptation to the first class

All the adaptation of the child in the first class is divided into three stages. The first difficulties can appear on the first and second of them, however, they can only be found on the third.

The first stage is still at the preparatory courses before the school. Children are introduced gradually to the regime and the school process. Teachers and parents during this period should work together and identify in advance the child's weak spots. To prevent the disadaptation is much easier than to deal with the consequences.

The second stage of adaptation begins with the first call in the first class. This is the most difficult period. At such a turning point in all spheres of the child's life, it is very difficult and possible for him to manifest negativism. This period will last the whole first semester of training. Any negative features of adaptation can appear at any time.

The third stage begins in the second semester. At this time, the hidden symptoms of impairment may appear. Psychologists and teachers conduct work on the analysis of the psychological state of children. This may cause anxiety.

How to help a child with adaptation in the first class

For successful adaptation, stability in the child's physical, psychological and mental development is necessary. To put less stress on the child, it is not necessary to draw a bright future for him in school. Try to interest the child, but be realistic. Repeat, every hour as in school fun and healthy is not worth it. Because, it's not. The school requires the child to be disciplined and diligent. And it's not always fun. Do not disappoint the child.

Instead, often praise your child and find out how things are in his school. Let him tell you about the school process and his perception, and not you. If the child negatively perceives the school, then the adaptation process has not yet passed. Talk more often with the child and carefully study his words. Perhaps you will be able to find out the reason.

Never compare your child to other students in the class. Especially with those who are better at the program.

Help the child with the lessons. Show as correctly. However, do not do anything in his place. If the crumb sees that it is possible, then later it will be difficult to teach him to act independently.

Try not to leave the child on an extension at least in the first semester. This has a negative effect. Well, if the regime does not disappear day dream. This will allow the child to relax and maintain strength and stability.

Watch the atmosphere in the family. In such periods, the child reacts more sharply to quarrels and quarrels within the family.

Spend time after school in games. All communication with parents should not be limited to doing homework.

Encourage your child and do not overstate your demands on him. Act only taking into account the individual characteristics of your first-grader.

In the physical plan, stick to the regime of the day. Organize your child's sleep at least 9, 5 hours a day. For the health of the child, it is necessary to properly arrange the first class of the working area.

Organize the leisure of the child. Let him move more. After all, physical activity in the school is lower than in the kindergarten. Do not exceed the set time for the homework. After 40 minutes, stop and make a change.

It must be remembered that the child is very hard. All his negative actions are just an expression of inner confusion. The mental state of the crumbs is broken and it is very difficult for him to enter a new and unfamiliar regime for him. When adapting, it is necessary to talk very carefully with the child and choose words in order to convey the norms to him. In such a difficult and important time for him, the child as never needs parental support, care and understanding. Give the child to understand that his interests are important to you. That you do not discount his opinion. You are important to his inner state and you are always ready to help him. And together you will succeed!
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