Movies for learning English

How to learn a foreign language on an intuitive level without going into grammar? Movies are an outlet that will allow you to quickly master any language. Today I propose to consider English and its study with the help of hits of the world cinema.

Method of study

Before proceeding, it is necessary to master the methodology. Such recommendations will be a great help in the thorny path of instruction.

The method is quite simple. It boils down to only three points:
  1. Watching a movie without subtitles in the original. It is necessary to try to intuitively understand the speech of the characters in conjunction with the events that are taking place.
  2. It is necessary to find the text of the script on the network or just subtitles. Then, disassemble in detail for the presence of unfamiliar words or misunderstood expressions.
  3. The final step is to rescan.
Another important point. It is necessary to decide which accent is preferable - British or American. Between the two versions there is a huge chasm both in pronunciation and in the meaning of some words.

As examples, masterpieces of American cinema are presented.

Learning English is useful at any age!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

A fount of wit and humor with a touch of Greek openness. An interesting idea is propagandized: wherever a person is, no matter what he does, with whom he or she communicates, he must remember his roots.

Friends / Friends (1994-2004)

One of the cult series of the 90's, which for 10 years pleased his fans with new antics of heroes. An indefatigable six of the best friends. The formation of everyone on all fronts - from personal life to professional self-determination. Whatever obstacles are not on the path of life, they are always together, supporting and helping each other.

Groundhog day / Groundhog Day (1993)

The plot makes you think about the true values ​​in life. What is important and what has a secondary role.

The protagonist is an avid cynic, leading the weather forecast. And here he is sent to a special mission in a provincial town. It is necessary to make a small report and quickly return to the metropolis. But it was not there. Each day of Groundhog Day is repeated. A man finds true love and finds the answer to the eternal question, what is happiness.

The choice is for everyone

The presented films are just examples. But after all, everyone has their favorite pictures, which are already looked through to the holes. Here with them also it is necessary to begin. Include and enjoy viewing in the original.

Enjoy your English!
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