Manicure - perform the procedure at home

Fresh manicure and a neat coating are the pride of every girl. Of course, I want to save this beauty as much as possible. Here are some lifhaks that will help to extend the ideal condition of your marigolds before your next visit to the beauty salon.

Do not forget about nutrition and hydration of the cuticle. The more moistened the nail plate, cuticle and okolonogtevye rolls, the neater look your nails. In addition, if the nails are sufficiently moistened, then the coating is better kept on them. Humidify the cuticle with special oils. It is desirable that the composition consisted of rice bran oil, jojoba and sweet almonds, vitamin E - they penetrate deep into the structure of the nail, making it moisturized and strong. Do a moisturizing cuticle daily nail care rule - and they will always look well-groomed.

Covering your nails with varnish, do not make unnecessary movements - just brush with the brush from the center of the nail to the free edge, then finish this movement by brushing slightly away from the cuticle. Next, make one more movement to the right and left of the center, closer to the nail rollers.

And the last: do not cover your nails with a thick layer of varnish. Before applying it, wipe off the brush on the vial, leaving a bit of varnish on only one side of it.
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