Hands are not for boredom: what manicure is in fashion in autumn 2018?

Beautiful nails - this is one of the important indicators of the girl's grooming. And the beautiful and fashionable are also an occasion for pride! Being well-groomed and proud is easy - we put our fingers and hair in order. Today is about the first!

Fashionable form and length of nails in 2018 In fashion now, sophistication and some even modesty - long and sharp nails go into the background, but nails of medium length and oval shape or short square - in the top. Almond-shaped form is also still relevant - it's already a kind of "nail classic"!

Color Of course, every woman chooses it according to her temperament or mood. Brave and fervent to taste will colorful nails - on each finger your own color or two contrasting (red and black, blue and white, etc.). Calm and romantic characters like pastel colors like beige, brown, light pink - these colors can also alternate in one version of the manicure, they are in fashion in the fall of 2018. And "fatal women" will not miss out of their kind of fashion squeak - manicure in color "Burgundy" , which immediately makes the owner languid and mysterious!

Features of manicure For fashionistas who liked the "moon manicure" there is good news - it's still on the crest of the wave, there was even a new variation - "bare moon manicure" . This is when the hole is not painted over with another color, but left entirely without varnish, covering itself with just transparent. It looks stylish and bold, if at the base of a bright color or gently - there is a non-ordinary. In any case, a win-win option! The
Also the most fashionable this fall will sport with small accents on their nails. The key here is that the accent is small and discreet: a pretty heart, a funny flower, stylish geometric figures - all in a trend! The
Of course, where are girls without bblast ? They also did not go away in the autumn of 2018 and remain a sign of a good taste of the owner - true, with the amendment that it should not be metallic "cold" shades or something silvery-gold.
Another interesting trend is the animalistic print . Now the color of the coat of the beloved pet fashionista can always be with her! What will it be - spectacular colors of a leopard or a tiger, shades of snake scales or feathers of an exotic bird? Depends only on her imagination! The
The next trend is exactly like all creative girls - manicure in an abstract style! That's where you can give free rein to your fantasy and turn your nails into a real work of art. Here everything is allowed - a daring combination of incongruous colors, bright geometry, unexpected accents. . . Everything in order to be original! The
Summing up - the fall of 2018 is generous for entertaining fashion chips. Choose among them suitable for yourself or try everything in turn - what will you choose? What is the most interesting trend? Share in the comments!

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