Italian passion: rest perfectly!

About Italy dream of a lyric nature (well, of course Juliet's balcony in Verona , romantic Venice with its canals, ancient castles and incredible views of Tuscany ), and active ( Ferrari museum , an abundance of excursions to the most interesting places, a paradise for Milan's shopaholics). Everyone will find something of their own, but for now - some useful information and the subtleties of tourism!

When to go?

Depends on what goals are pursued. If you want to walk and get lost in picturesque cities - it is best to spring or early autumn, because thanks to the mild climate there will be warm and comfortable. And if you plan to "lazy" beach vacation at sea - it is better, of course, summer. There is, however, one subtlety - it's better not to go in August, as many Italians go on vacation. A lot of interesting places and institutions are closed - and after all you want to see everything! In addition, it is very hot.

Where to go?

Which cities to choose for their Eurotours? Certainly, each of the cities of Italy is worthy of attention, but it is necessary to be determined! Some information about tourist places.


We say "Italy", we mean "Venice" and vice versa! Of course, you can not miss this incredible city out of sight - where else do you see how houses and streets stand directly on the water, ships go instead of cars, and the main square floods at a certain time and everyone is perceived it normally? Venice is incredibly beautiful, ranging from exquisite gardens and palaces and ending with cozy cafes on the banks of canals and legendary narrow streets. The trick about Venice is that if you are not 29 years old, there is a good discount for vaporetto water trams that replace public transport there.


Is it possible to ignore the world capital of fashion? Even if boutiques can not afford, it's worth looking at the heart of famous brands such as Armani, Gucci and so on! In addition, in Milan there is a grandiose in size and beauty Cathedral of the Duomo , able to amaze the imagination of even inveterate cynics! The Council for Milan is that it is worth taking excursion buses - buying a ticket one-time, you can go to them as many times as you like every day, this is a significant saving, and you can see much more.


A city that is romantic in terms of its ability to compete even with Venice. A huge number of incredible castles , Romeo's house , Juliet's balcony - any signorite can feel a little heroine of the novel! On the walls near the balcony people from all over the world leave notes about their love. The secret of Verona is a few places with beautiful views. It should be a little tense, climb the mountain - and you will find there stunning gardens, castles, besides there are no crowds of tourists and free entrance!

How to go?

The most comfortable way, of course, will be an airplane, but the prices for tickets to Italy can bite. The way out of the situation can be the purchase of tickets very in advance (minus the fact that not everyone can plan a trip for six months), constant monitoring of ticket prices (this is quite energy-consuming and takes time, but will win a good price). Another trick: buy air tickets better in the morning, in the evening they rise in price.

Another way to get to the Italian dream is by bus - it's cheaper, and will allow you to see other countries that will get in the way. Very interesting experience.

Well, Italy is a magical country, which you just want to return to. Have a good rest!
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