Travel-kosmetichka: what to take with you on vacation?

In order to feel confident and not make extra spending, having gone on vacation, you should think in advance about the list of beauty products that you will take with you. The main criterion for selection is the frequency of using a particular remedy. Do you use serum daily? Can not imagine your skin care without a night cream, and make-up is unthinkable without your favorite lip gloss? Means all these funds fall into the category of your cosmetic masthevov and automatically sent to the cosmetic bag.

Make-up cosmetics

If at home in your arsenal several means for make-up, on holiday it is desirable to limit only one. A universal option that is suitable for delicate cleansing and easily copes with water-resistant cosmetics is micellar water. In order to provide the skin with sufficient moisture, take with it not only cream, but also thermal water. It is very refreshing in hot days and protects the skin from dry air during flights.

It would be superfluous to take lip balm as well. He will not allow the appearance of cracks, and the presence of SPF protection will make it extremely relevant on the beach. Without a sunscreen, do not go to the beach, but for a long walk, so be sure to put the appropriate tube in the cosmetic bag.

The effects of sun and sea can adversely affect the condition of the hair. It is sensible in addition to shampoo (it is desirable that it has a conditioning effect and is suitable for daily use) to take a nourishing hair mask. Practice shows that bronzers, highlighter, podvodki and other means of decorative cosmetics can leave all vacations unclaimed, but matting napkins are consumed with an enviable regularity. They should definitely be taken with them in order to neutralize the greasy shine on the skin.

Decorative cosmetics

From using tonal bases and primers on vacation, you can also refrain. However, in case of unpleasant surprises in the form of pimples and redness, grab a concealer with you. If you decide to take mascara on vacation, it is better to immediately stop at the waterproof version of it.

To save space, but do not limit yourself to cosmetics, give preference to means of universal use. Blush, which can be used as a shadow, eye and eyebrow pencil. . . in recent years, many brands produce such beauty products. They definitely need to take a closer look before you start packing your bags.

How to save space in a cosmetic bag?

In addition to cosmetics, you should bring wet wipes, cotton buds and disks. Tweezers, nail scissors and nail file will also be useful on vacation. The list of everything necessary can turn out to be quite impressive, but you can save a lot of space in the cosmetic bag if some of the funds are in a convenient sachet format.

Taking cosmetics in large tubes is impractical. It is enough to buy a special set of vials, adapted for travel. Most of them are equipped with dispensers, and most importantly their advantage is a miniature size. They will fit easily into your travel-cosmetic bag.
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