Make-up in the style of Marilyn Monroe

Make-up in the style of Marilyn Monroe is a win-win option if you want to draw attention to your own person. The actress managed to create a harmonious image, using bright shades of lipsticks. However, she did not neglect and make up her eyes. Before applying make-up it is worthwhile to study all the accents whose influence is noticeable in her makeup.

Main Features

Notice how Marilyn Monroe's skin shines in numerous photographs. This effect allowed the star to achieve the use of a large amount of moisturizing cream. A modern girl can use a hailer to create a natural glow.

The image of Monroe is inconceivable without red lipstick. But even with it, everything is not so simple. To make your lips look as sensual as possible, you should apply a kind of gradient effect using two shades.

A sharp fracture of the eyebrows is another characteristic feature of the image. The shape of the eyebrows is selected individually (depending on the type of appearance). Go for radical changes for the sake of the image is not worth it. It is more reasonable to make the most similar version, drawing a fracture with a pencil for the eyebrows.

The effect of radiance and the masking of imperfections

If you want to make a make-up in the style of Marilyn Monroe, start with a highlighter. It is desirable to use a liquid texture, since in this case it will be most convenient. Particular attention should be paid to the percutaneous area. In order not to go bust with radiance, use the minimum amount of cosmetic product, subjecting it to thorough shading.

To visually make the skin smoother, apply a primer on the face. This tool will hide the expanded pores. It works fine in tandem with powder, which should be removed from excessive shine. Apply concealer under the eyes, as well as point to the existing imperfections. While feasting this remedy, fix it with a transparent powder.

Easy dripping

Sculpting a person in this image is done by using blush. Choose a muted pink shade and apply it to the side areas of the forehead. Thoroughly blush to create a natural effect.

Nude eye makeup

Performing makeup Marilyn Monroe, put on the eyelids beige shade of shadows. It is recommended to use a matte texture. Use a gray or brown shade to draw arrows. To simplify the task and increase the saturation of the tone, first moisten the brush with water. Light eyeliner pencil out the mucosa of the lower eyelid. Then draw an arrow that emphasizes the lower eyelid. It should look like a mirror image of an arrow drawn through the upper eyelid.

Use no more than 2 layers of mascara for this makeup. For maximum expressiveness, take a set of false eyelashes with a tape-base. Cut one tape-base in half and fix halves in the area of ​​the outer corners of the eyes. From this view will become coquettishly languid.

Correct eyebrows

Draw a shape with a characteristic break with a pencil. To fix the hairs in the desired position, use the eyebrow gel. Additional attention to the eyebrows and their shape can be attracted by using a concealer. Apply a small amount of this beauty product to the area under the eyebrow.

"Juicy" lip makeup

First of all, circle your lips with a pencil of a deep dark red hue. At this stage, if necessary, you can make the lips more plump, slightly leaving behind their outline. All the flaws will hide the dotted application of the concealer. On the central part of the lips, apply a slightly lighter shade. Tear off the lipstick with a brush to create a smooth transition from the central part to the corners of the lips. A "juicy" effect can be created by using a transparent gloss over the lipstick.

The final stage

For this image, a very important element is drawing a fly, like a famous actress. For this purpose, it is most convenient to use waterproof liner. If necessary, visually narrow the nose, draw symmetrical lines with a light brown shade of shadows along the wings of the nose and blend them.
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