Manicure in the beauty salon - what to look for?

If you go to a beauty salon, you should take care of your safety and health of your nails, paying attention to a few points.

At the classical edging manicure the master uses cutting tools. To be sure of the safety of the procedure, pay attention to the processing of the instrument. Do not hesitate to ask a specialist of the nail service how the instruments are sterilized in the salon. This simple question should not cause surprise and anger at your master. If this happens, it's worth thinking about changing the specialist and the beauty salon.

It is possible to independently determine whether a tool is processed or not. A sterilized (and therefore absolutely safe tool for you) can be processed in glasperen or dry-fire. Glasperlen is a device in which only the working surface is processed, that is, the part that is in direct contact with the skin. A dry oven or dry heat requires processing the entire surface of the tools. In this case, the tool is processed most often in a special kraft package. It is in this case that you can determine whether the instrument is processed or not. When mastering the kraft bag, pay attention to a small round terminal on it - during the frying in a dry oven it gets a dark pink or brown color - this is the mark that becomes only after it has been in the oven. How to determine that the master did not just fry the bag, but in it the tools could be so: it's almost impossible to break the kraft bag, since during the frying process the special glue closes the bag very tightly. Therefore, the master will cut the package with scissors.

Look at the hands of the master: taking care of your and his safety, he will work in gloves.

Of course you should pay attention and nails. Pay attention to what the saw uses the master to shape the nails. Its hardness (abrasiveness) for natural nails should be 240 units. If the stiffness of the saw is not written on the file, also ask the master about it.

It is not superfluous to pay attention to the workplace of a specialist nail service - it should be neat and clean. After all, a good master and a real professional of his business cleans him after every client.

And, of course, pay attention to the products. Trust your pens not only for an experienced master, but for someone who chooses quality products from well-known brands.
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