Hydrophilic oil for the face: what is it?

Hydrophilic oil appeared on the shelves of cosmetic stores relatively recently. However, girls who appreciate the natural ingredients in beauty care compositions immediately drew attention to it. In addition to effective removal of make-up, this cosmetic product delicately affects the skin, moisturizes and helps maintain the water balance.

What is a hydrophilic oil?

The secret ingredient of the product, which if you can replace all the foam and gels for washing, is an emulsifier. The fact is that oil and water are not mixed in the usual state. A homogeneous emulsion of them can be obtained only after shaking, but without the emulsifier it will soon again "break up" into two initial components.

As additional active ingredients in hydrophilic oil, vitamins and plant extracts are often present. Many manufacturers of cosmetics for cosmetics include several essential oils at once. Getting on the skin, hydrophilic oil reacts with sebum. When water is added, an emulsion is formed, which dissolves and flushes the skin fat.


The main feature of hydrophilic oil is that it is suitable for all skin types. His ability to quickly and efficiently remove from the face even waterproof makeup should also not be underestimated. Unlike other remouvers, hydrophilic oil does not clog pores. Therefore, its use can not cause the appearance of acne.

Hydrophilic oil is ideally suited for removing make-up from sensitive skin of the lips. Many girls use it to purify the area around the eyes. When using hydrophilic oil, it is not necessary to use sponges, sponges and other accessories for washing.

After using the foam for make-up, dry skin and tightness of the skin are often felt. Oil allows not only to avoid such problems, it makes the skin soft and velvety, due to the pronounced effect of moisturizing.


When buying hydrophilic oil, you should carefully study its composition. The fact is that essential oils often manifest an allergic reaction. Irritation, rash and itching can be an unpleasant result of using this beauty product if you ignored the manufacturer's information. This is the only drawback of using hydrophilic oils, but it is easily circumvented. The assortment of these products is so great that you can easily choose a cosmetic product without the components to which you are allergic.

How to use?

Squeeze a small amount of oil on the palm and apply on the face. Particular attention should be paid to areas with makeup. Dampen your hands with water and go over the face with massaging movements. After that, the oil will turn into an emulsion, it will dissolve the remains of foundation, carcass, lipstick and other decorative cosmetics that has been applied. Wash it off with warm water. The final stage after such make-up can be the use of milk or tonic.
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