Mom, we give birth! First signs of the onset of labor

Pregnancy is sometimes a happy expectation and joy. The woman at this time radiates tenderness and beauty. However, the appearance of tranquility and naturalness does not coincide with the internal state of the woman "with hope." Inside of her, the feelings and foreboding of the day "X" are raging. Any primipara is going through: How do you unravel the first signs of childbirth?

Important Measures

Regardless of what kind of birth the expectant mother expects, natural or cesarean, you need to protect yourself and the baby in the tummy. When approaching the time of ripening of the fetus, it is better not to remain alone. Especially at night. If a close person does not have the opportunity to take a vacation and be near, it is better to negotiate with the responsible driver in the neighborhood or taxi. It is important to take into account that taxi drivers do not all agree to take a woman to the hospital. Some drivers are simply not ready for this morally. Therefore, it is better to discuss this issue in advance and have a personal driver number.

For all the speed of the road on your personal car, during childbirth it is more reliable to call an ambulance and consult about further actions. If the car leaves you, it is preferable to wait for them. With experienced professionals, it is not so terrible to get stuck in a traffic jam on the road or "meet" an early birth. If an emergency dispatcher advises you to go your own way, then an early agreement with the carrier will clearly help.

The first harbingers of birth

The first harbingers of labor, especially in primiparous women, are subjective. In many of them it is difficult to determine how close the birth is. However, in many of them, it is easy to say that the body is prepared and the meeting with the baby is very soon. Of the physiological signs in women can be identified:
  • Abdominal abscess. It can occur at different intervals before delivery. Some pregnant women mark this sign of childbirth in a few weeks. In others, the lower abdomen occurs almost before labor;
  • Increased vaginal discharge. This is associated with increased pressure of the uterus and an increase in activity of the pelvic organs. In addition, at a late period before childbirth, the bladder moves away from the walls of the uterus. Do not be scared, suspecting the leakage of amniotic fluid. Calm down, you can just buy an express test for the leakage of water;
  • Strengthening of training fights. Some mothers express them so strongly that they can easily be confused with the real ones. You can distinguish them only by a disorderly manifestation. That is, the interval between training fights is always different. Between the present, it is preserved;
  • Weight reduction of 1-2 kg. A natural sign that the body is preparing to give birth and facilitates itself;
  • Stomach upset. It does not always come, but often occurs. The Gastrointestinal System is released to facilitate childbirth and to concentrate the body on them, rather than digesting food. This is due to the increase in estrogen. It softens the tissues of the uterus and the cervix. ;
  • Drawing and aching pain in the lower back and lower abdomen. They are not like fights and do not change their character when moving. So the pelvis diverges and the ligaments stretch before giving birth;
In addition to the physical condition, there are also psychological signs of the approach of labor. One of them is called "Nesting Syndrome". Women with such a sign begin to more actively prepare for the appearance of a child, clean the apartment, make a rearrangement, and become restless. These are the natural instincts of nest preparation for the appearance of long-awaited offspring.

Signs of the onset of labor, which can not be delayed

The exact signs of the onset of labor is undeniable evidence that the process has begun. The fact that it's time to collect bags in the hospital says such symptoms:
  • Contractions. Real bouts occur with equal intervals of time, which are shortened;
  • Departure of the mucous plug. Sometimes it happens partially, sometimes completely. The cork looks like a dense lump of mucus of a transparent or unclear color with brown impregnations. Cork can also go away with amniotic fluid;
  • Departure of amniotic fluid. It can happen before the beginning of the rest of the sensed process. After the passage of water, fights and other signs may begin. In other cases, fights will be before the waters escape.
The most accurate precursors are the personal feelings of the woman in childbirth. It is better to listen to yourself and rely on it. Do not worry too much. Childbirth is a natural process for every woman.
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