Benefits of melon for the body

Summer is a long-awaited and favorite time of the year, which is remembered not only by sunny days, fragrances of flowers, but also by delicious melons and watermelons. It is in season it is better to enjoy these gifts of nature, which at the end of summer are the most juicy and delicious.

Benefits of melon

Like other fruits, melon is very useful, because it contains many vitamins, biologically active substances and minerals, as well as fiber. It can be recommended and losing weight: calorie melon from 30 to 50 kcal per 100 g, depends on whether the sugar is a variety. Useful properties of melon:
  • it contains carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, useful for the eyes;
  • vitamin C, strengthening immunity and helping in the fight against infection;
  • Potassium, thanks to which you will have a healthy heart and significantly reduce the risk of earning a stroke, because it helps control heart rate and blood pressure;
  • Vitamin A, which takes care of the cover tissues and improves vision;
  • vitamin B9, which prevents the development of anemia, is useful for pregnant women;
  • melon helps to cope with stress;
  • suppresses the growth of cancer cells.

How to choose a melon correctly

In Russia, there are many varieties of this sweet fruit, but very popular are only 2-3 varieties, which can be stored for a long time and do not deteriorate when they are transported from place to place. There are 2 known varieties:
  1. Collective farmer. Not so sweet, but the most fragrant.
  2. Torpedo. The tastiest.
What to look for when buying melons:
  1. The place where it is sold. This melon culture can absorb heavy metals and odors that enter the air from exhaust gases and car tires. So do not buy a melon near the road. Take it either in the store or at special points. Melons should be stored in pallets located 15 cm above the ground.
  2. Examine the surface of the melon. It can be both smooth and rough, but without cuts and cracks. Dents indicate that it is not worth buying such melons, because they have been transported for too long or stored incorrectly.
  3. Do not take a cut melon. Wishing to demonstrate the quality of the goods, sellers often offer to cut it and eat a piece. Or they sell halves of melons. It is also better to refrain from such a purchase, because dirt and microbes will be collected on the surface.
  4. Pay attention to the smell. Before buying a melon, smell it. If it comes from a sweet and tasty aroma, with the smell of honey or vanilla, this is what you need. The absence of a smell or a faint fragrance giving off "greens" suggests that it is not so sugary.
  5. Sweet melon - with a large tail and spout. If they are dry, then the melon has ripened in the field, that is, the most fragrant and tasty. Pay attention to the stem. Experts say that it should be thick.
  6. Try to gently peel the skin of melon. If everything turns out, then it is ripe.
  7. Knock on the melon. Is the sound "deaf"? She was in time, you need to buy it.

How to eat melon correctly

Melon, although considered a dessert, is a heavy product. Therefore, it is better to eat it between snacks, and not after dinner or on an empty stomach. With an aggravation of the ulcer or diseases of the duodenum, it is better to abandon it. You can not eat melon for those who suffer from diabetes.

Before you cut a melon, thoroughly wash it with soap, because harmful substances are being accumulated in the peel. You can not combine melon and alcohol, as well as dairy and sour-milk products, because there may be indigestion. Do not drink melon with yogurt or ice water.

Early melons can be dangerous to health, because they are grown using a large amount of nitrogen fertilizers, under the film. Because of what they grow large in just 2 months and do not have time to get rid of nitrates. Having eaten such a melon, you can poison yourself, it is especially dangerous for children.

The golden fragrant melon has already become a symbol of summer. This is one of the most delicious and mouth-watering delicacies, besides it is not so expensive when compared with the same sweets. In addition, it is very useful, if it is right, that is, not on an empty stomach or after a dense dinner, washed down with milk or cold water. Do not give up this sweet and fragrant gift of nature, especially in the summer, when the melon season comes.
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