How to get out of the comfort zone?

Familiar surroundings, a set of habits and a manner of behavior that ensures a safe existence. . . These are all parts of the comfort zone. Being in it, a person feels protected from serious anxiety and anxiety. But even the most measured life is inconceivable without difficulties. You can learn how to effectively deal with them only by allowing yourself to leave the comfort zone regularly.

What is the comfort zone?

Lifestyle, which includes a circle of friends, hobbies and interests, as well as achievements in various areas, constitute your personal comfort zone. Doing the usual actions over and over again, you do not worry about them, because what you do well is familiar to you. The zone of comfort is determined by age, social status and interests. Therefore, it is not a constant quantity. It is considered to be a certain life stage.

What is the danger zone of comfort?

When a person for a long time in anything does not change the habitual way of life, he gradually ceases to develop. If the need to meet new people, mastering new knowledge or traveling causes you to have negative emotions, fear and anxiety, you are stuck in your comfortable space and subconsciously do not want any changes. This condition forces a person to cling to the habitual way of life, even if he does not have objective reasons for this. In the end, it interferes with the realization of one's own abilities, since in order to manifest them one must part with a zone of comfort.

People who do not leave the comfort zone, often because of their own laziness and unwillingness to take risks, miss opportunities that arise before them. At the same time, the comfort zone does not provide a person with high self-esteem. Being in a "convenient" space, he can suffer from complexes and uncertainty, and refusal to violate the usual boundaries only aggravates his condition, leads to a washing in himself.

What gives a way out of the comfort zone?

Reasons for thinking about leaving the comfort zone are quite a lot. You can only imagine what life would be like if you had the courage to overcome comfortable borders. Any significant achievements involve a risk. And this again means rejecting the habitual way for the sake of the set goals. To realize their ambitious plans, you will need to leave the comfort zone or, at least, significantly expand its boundaries.

Justifies the way out of the comfort zone and victory over laziness. Living on the principle of "and so not bad", a person gradually loses initiative. Keeping inner peace does not justify ignoring your own complexes, fears and low self-esteem. For example, only the fear of leaving the usual space makes it difficult to decide to change jobs that do not like it. You can invent as many arguments as possible against the changes that this decision is fraught with. But to find out how friendly the new collective turns out to be and whether duties on a new place of work will be on the job will turn out only after parting with the unloved office.

How to leave the comfort zone?

Leaving the comfort zone does not necessarily imply a radical change. However, it is always a conscious decision about the need for change in your life. Admitted mistakes should be taken as a valuable lesson, and not as a confirmation that staying in a comfort zone would have allowed to avoid failures. To get out of the comfort zone did not become a stress for you, implement the changes gradually.

Change your own routine, adding new classes to it. Search for a hobby is worth starting with the activities that you always liked, but for some reason you considered them to be unavailable. Did you dream to try yourself in watercolor painting or did you plan to master aqua aerobics for a long time? Dare!

Expand the circle of communication, not allowing suspiciousness or prejudice to prevent you from doing so. By contacting new people, you automatically expand the comfort zone. Communication involves learning new things and exchanging opinions. It erases the boundaries of the artificially created safe space and allows you to deal with complexes.

Bright emotions and unforgettable impressions can be obtained by visiting new places. The geography of trips is not of fundamental importance, you just need to regularly discover something new for yourself. Enjoying the architecture and beauty of nature, you are unlikely to regret not having spent an evening lying on the couch in front of the TV.

To increase self-esteem, take on new responsibilities. Take the initiative, try to implement projects to which you have a genuine interest. Having set a goal, divide its achievement into several stages. No matter how unattainable the result seemed, every single stage will inspire much less fear. So you can overcome the barrier of the comfort zone, which separates you from the implementation of your plans!
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