Complex of Cinderella: what is it?

What is the Cinderella complex? This is a behavior in which a girl suffers from low self-esteem and despite her age retains a naive outlook on life. First of all, her idealistic ideas extend to the image of a man. She does not seek a beautiful prince, but simply expects his appearance in his life.

The heroine of the tale, as you know, gained personal happiness. But in life, the expectation of an ideal partner can drag on, and all this time the woman will not feel happy. To gain confidence in herself is prevented by the fear of being rejected, she ignores the opportunities that arise before her and, as a result, does not realize herself as a person.

Such a problem is not among the obvious. Therefore, only those representatives of the fair sex can recognize themselves in the presence of the Cinderella complex, who can analyze their own actions and always remain honest with themselves.

Characteristic features of the Cinderella complex

This condition may reflect the attitude to life that has formed in a woman over the years. One of the most common signs is that she does not live for today. All its aspirations are turned towards the future, which invariably seems ideal. Against this background, there may be a disregard for current affairs. Complex Cinderella often exacerbate the experience of the troubles that may occur in the future. Being carried away by such thoughts, the girl will strive to postpone the adoption of important decisions, and if this is possible, then avoid them altogether.

The reasons for low self-esteem in girls with the Cinderella complex can be different. With ambitious plans, they find it hard to believe in their own strength. It is with disbelief in your abilities that you should begin to fight, discovering the signs of such a state. After all, often the lack of self-confidence extends to all spheres of life. There are difficulties in communicating with family and friends. Achieving success in a career becomes harder because of far-fetched fears and fear of taking responsibility.

It is a mistake to believe that the complex of Cinderella provokes indifference to the opinion of others. On the contrary, a woman seeks to earn the approval and praise of others with a vengeance. And chooses for this is not the easiest way. In dealing with people, it is difficult for her to stand up for her position, she is inclined to obedience and passivity. It readily adapts to the wishes of others, just not to lose their support and location.

Causes of the complex development

Since the Cinderella complex is not a contrived problem, it is logical that it has reasons. The impetus to the beginning of the formation of such a state can be an emotional shock with a negative color (betrayal, betrayal, disregard from a close person).

Relationship in the family can also have a negative impact. If a girl grew up among prohibitions, and motives for independence in her were not encouraged, it could eventually lead to the development of the Cinderella complex. Having matured, she will continue to be strongly attached to her parents. They will continue to actively participate in her life, as they will not see her as a mature person.

Cinderella complex can develop due to excessive concentration on yourself. Loophole awakens inner dissatisfaction, which becomes fertile ground for this complex.

What is dangerous Cinderella complex?

Disregarding one's desires and the habit of postponing one's own goals ultimately can lead to an absolutely passive life. Representatives of the fair sex get used to their condition and do not make efforts to change it. One of the biggest problems is that these dreamy people do not understand people well. Their lack of initiative and obedience often makes them the object of manipulation. They are often comprehended by life's disappointments, which in certain cases can lead to depression. They are not able to break off relations that oppress and belittle them.

How to change the situation?

Awareness of the problem becomes the first step towards solving it. Overcome the complex of Cinderella allows the way out of the comfort zone. Give up the role of a humble observer in your own life, find new hobbies and activities for yourself. Dare to change the wardrobe, make-up or hairstyle, if you feel this desire. If it is difficult to understand your own desires, it makes sense to attend a training for a qualified psychologist. However, the main condition for getting rid of this completely uninhabited complex is love for oneself, acceptance and understanding of one's own merits and demerits.
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