Top 15 best drummers of the world

Today there are thousands of rock bands. And, of course, the songs of each of them have a special sound, an important role in which the drums play. But there are 15 really legendary drummers that you just need to know about!

1. John Bonham (Led Zeppelin)

The propensity for playing the instrument from an English drummer from Led Zeppelin was evident even in early childhood - at the age of 5 the boy assembled his first "drum set" from coffee boxes and cardboard boxes. Noticing his son's passion for music, when the boy was 15, his mother presented him the first real instrument, Premier Percussion.

It was John Bonham who brought the "zest" to the songs of the band. The rigid manner of his playing is a distinctive feature of the style of Led Zeppelin. Over time, the musician added elements of funk, as well as Latin percussion. In addition, John Bonham also used the 1st drum synthesizer.

Interesting fact: Alias ​​Bonzo the drummer received in honor of the dog from the famous British comics.

2. Keith Moon (The Who)

Keith Moon is the second legendary drummer from Britain. At first he was considered one of the best musicians of his time, in 2005 he deservedly became 3rd in the rating of the TOP 50 rock drummers from around the world from the editorial office of the popular English magazine Classic Rock.

Moon was a true innovator. He put the game of his instrument to the forefront, thereby emphasizing the importance of the drums in the sound of music. The drummer quickly switched from one rhythm to another, thereby creating a special sound.

An interesting fact: the rapid play of Kit required a reliable fixation of the instrument, so its installation was attached to the stage by 20-centimeter nails.

3. Phil Collins (Genesis)

The first musical experience this drummer received at the age of 5, playing along with the TV set and radio programs. When Phil was 19, he signed his first contract with Flaming Youth, which was the beginning of his career.

For its popularity, the Genesis group in many ways should thank Collins. After 5 years of drumming in the band, the drummer took over the role of vocalist and became the author of most of the band's songs.

Phil Collins has received 7 "Grammy" and "Oscar" awards. His albums were sold along with the creations of Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson - with a circulation of over 100 million copies.

Interesting fact: The voice and appearance of Phil Collins were used in the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, where he received the name Phil Cassidy. The hero was a trader in arms and alcohol production and even was involved in several episodes.

4. Iain Pace (Deep Purple)

When Ian Pace was still very young, he is very keen on playing the violin. At the age of fifteen, as the musician recollects, he began to act as an accompanist for his pianist father in waltzes and quicksteps; "Music was fresh, but it's somehow, but the beginning."

The influence of classical jazz musicians, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, is felt in the game of Iain Pace. He was the first hard rocker to add swing and jazz nuances to his personal style.

Interesting fact: Iain Pace is the only one from Deep Purple, who was part of all the band's compositions, although he was never a front man of the band.

5. Bill Ward (Black Sabbath)

As Bill Ward himself said, he tried to extract 40 different sounds from the same drum. He fell in love with the fans for the power and unusual manner of playing with elements of jazz. The musician took the 20th place in the rating of the best drummers.

Bill Ward has not once left the group because of health problems. Perhaps the reason was also clashes with other members of the group, because in 2012 the drummer finally left Black Sabbath, referring to the terms of the contract that did not come to mind.

Interesting fact: Despite the aggressive image of the group, Bill Ward adheres to a vegetarian diet.

6. Van Der Graaf Generator

In the Van Der Graaf Generator, Evans drew attention to constant non-traditional instrumental experiments, musical searches for a new sound and, in general, a very non-standard approach to prog-rock. Besides the main creativity in the band, the drummer also collaborated with The Misunderstood and Echo City. In addition, since 2002 he is a full member of the unusual project Subterraneans.

Interesting fact: Before joining the progressive rock band, Guy Evans was part of a team that played mostly mature American soul of the 60s.

7. Roger Taylor (Queen)

Roger Taylor became famous for the unique "volumetric" sound of the drums. He received the title of one of the most unique drummers of the 70-80's. In 2005, the radio station Planet Rock ranked the drummer to ten talented drummers in the field of classical rock.

Interesting fact: In solo albums, Taylor himself is the performer of the keyboard, drums, rhythm guitar and bass.

8. Bill Bruford (Yes)

Bill Bruford was the 1st drummer for Yes. He drew attention to the special style - polyrhythmic and even slightly violent zuchaniyem. Later the musician also collaborated with KingCrimson, Earthworks, BillBruford, Genesis, SteveHowe, Pavlov'sDog and others. In 2009, the drummer stopped working in the studio and taking part in concerts.

Interesting fact: Despite numerous experiments with electronic drums and percussion, Bill Bruford called a conventional acoustic drum set as his favorite instrument.

9. Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Experience)

Until 1966, Mitch Mitchell played in jazz bands, but in 1966 Chas Chandler, the bassist of the band The Animals advised him to pass a casting from guitarist from America Jimi Hendrix. The era of the group, which Mitchell still took, lasted only 3 years, but after the collapse of the band Jimi Hendrix offers Mitchell to play in his new "band."

Just a year later, the end of the new collective was laid by the death of the founder. After the dissolution of the group, Mitchell tried to engage in production activities and based his "bands", but they had no success.

Interesting fact: Mitch Mitchell died at the age of 61 in the Portland hotel after performing on a tour dedicated to the memory of Jimmy Hendrix.

10. Nick Mason (Pink Floyd)

The story of Mason's game in Pink Floyd began in 1965, when the drummer (at the time he played percussion) was 21. Then the musician was still studying at the architectural department of the London Polytechnic University.

Nick Mason was engaged in a solo career, although he started it later all the members of the team. Among his works there are two own albums. Interestingly, unlike Pink Floyd, Mason's songs showed a slight jazz-rock sound.

Interesting fact: Nick Mason became the only one from Pink Floyd, who participated in all concerts and albums since the foundation of the band.

11. Ringo Starr (the Beatles)

Ringo Starr is an excellent confirmation of the opinion that education is not necessary for a successful career. Because of the child's painfulness, the boy never finished school.

However, this fact did not prevent him from becoming a great drummer, taking 22nd place in the rating of 50 talented rock drummers in the rating mentioned above. In addition, in 2012 the musician was recognized as the world's richest drummer.

12. Neil Peart (Rush)

When Neil Peart was just starting his career, he was guided by the styles of play of the above mentioned Bonham and Moon. Over time, the musician decided to contribute, forming his own unique sound and added light jazz elements and notes of swing. Due to the extraordinary character of the sound, he took the fourth position in the Classic Rock rating mentioned more than once.

Interesting fact: Besides the fact that Neil Peart was the main text writer for Rush, he also wrote four popular science books about his travels.

13. Ginger Baker (Cream)

The main advantage of Baker as a drummer is a rich and entertaining game. Especially unusual style of the musician did that he began his career as a jazz drummer. The first instrument of the drummer was a trumpet.

In addition, later the elegance was given to elements of African music. The idea of ​​using such notes appeared after cooperation with the British group Hawkwind playing psychedelic rock.

An interesting fact: Ginger Baker was the first who used two bass drums at once, and not one, which was familiar for those times.

14. Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones)

Banjo began the musical activity of Charlie Watts, when the boy was only 14. However, "lived" for a short time. After a while, the musician dismantled the instrument, made a drum from it and taped on it the favorite jazz motifs.

Charlie Watts does not look much like a rocker in the traditional sense. Modest clothes, quiet family life - that's how you can briefly describe the drummer. However, for half a century, according to the guitarist The Rolling Stones Keith Richards, all of their music is kept solely on shock Watts.

Interesting fact: Talented person is talented in everything - Charlie periodically engaged in the design of album covers and scenery for the concerts of The Rolling Stones.

15. John Densmore (the Doors)

Unlike most of the above-described drummers, who loved the most insane experiments, John Densmore always kept the sound under control. And it was in this thoughtfulness and clarity of every beat of the drummer that the "highlight" of the Doors music was.

John was responsible for the rhythmic basis of almost all the creations of the band. While the other members of the group improvised, the drummer remained true to his style.

Interesting fact: Besides playing in the band, John also played in the theater, starred in the movies and periodically appeared on the TV show.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of these drummers in the history of music. They gave us legendary songs that are recognizable all over the world, and have become an example for other drummers for several generations.
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