How are stress-interviews conducted?

Each employer seeks to find the ideal candidate. But there are no ideal people, so you should choose the employee with the most appropriate for the future work a set of character traits. But how to do it, because everyone only talks about himself laudatory speech, but about the shortcomings of silent? American method of stress-interview will help.

Features of the idea

The task of the interviewer in this case is to get the candidate out of himself (in a good way), to force him to "show the true face". There are a lot of ways to do this: frank ignoring of the interlocutor's story allows you to test it for readiness to work with a bored audience; tricky questions will show the ability to quickly find a way out of the situation and the level of stress-resistance; "Questions in a circle" will demonstrate the tolerance of the future worker, etc.

Below are the most effective methods to find out about the candidate all. Questions with the trick This method allows you to check the applicants for stress and resourcefulness, to assess its moral qualities and willingness to talk about yourself. The essence of the idea is simple - to ask tricky questions, which are difficult to answer immediately or unambiguously, and observe the reaction:
  • Do you want to take the place of your boss?
  • How do you feel about representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation?
  • Why do not you have children?
  • Why have not you married yet, because you are already 35?
Remember that no matter how provocative the conversation was, it is important to remain a polite conversationalist.


With friends, we willingly share secrets and open our soul to them. Try to be as generous as possible with the candidate, make friends with him. You can even tell something about yourself, about your work and ask relevant questions. If you have a good psychologist's experience, you will be able to find out the truth about the interviewee and the place of his previous work, and at the same time check it for friendliness.

Atypical tasks and furnishings

This variant of the interview will help evaluate the creativity of the future employee, his willingness to find a way out of atypical situations. Ask the candidate to sing a song, write an essay, transfer a grandmother across the road or walk your dog. The main thing here is not the quality of the result, but the response and reaction to the task.

You can come up with your own, author's methods of stress-interview, which will "work" no worse. But do not forget before leaving the interlocutor to tell him that you used a special way of planning the conversation, because a bad rumor about the companies spreads quickly, and you can ruin the reputation of the company.
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