Lipofilling is the medical secret of the ideal figure

For cosmetology and plastic surgery in the last twenty years, the use of artificial implants and tissues has become common, but there is a much simpler and more convenient procedure. Lipofilling is a modern method of plastic correction of the face and body, which uses the patient's own fat tissue to rejuvenate and create new soft contours. This procedure has practically no contraindications and can be performed simultaneously with other similar operations - liposuction, etc.

What problems does lipofilling solve?

The method of lipofilling is the ideal solution for those who want to get rid of fat deposits in one place and simultaneously add volume to others. Usually the first problem is solved by liposuction, and the second - by implant insertion, but lipofilling allows to solve both problems simultaneously. It is important that during lipophilia, the patient's own fat tissue is used, which means that the risk of rejection is excluded.

Lipofilling is performed on almost any part of the body: face, hands, neck, legs, chest, buttocks, etc. With lipofilling, you can adjust both very small areas (eyelids, lips) and relatively large (correction of the chest, priests, thighs ).

Description of the procedure

During the procedure, from fat-rich places with a syringe, the fat is first pumped out, and then introduced into the desired zones.

Lipofilling, in spite of the minimally invasive and seemingly simple procedure, requires strict hygienic rules, the use of antiseptics and aseptics, the use of quality analgesics, and, of course, work exclusively under the guidance of an experienced physician.

It is not enough to simply remove the adipose tissue and transfer it. It is important to understand in detail the structure of human tissues and anatomy, in order not only to distribute the fat in a new place evenly, leaving no lumps and chunks, but also to smooth the place from which it was extracted, so that the dents on the skin do not form. The operation of lipofilling lasts relatively short (about 1-2 hours). Most often, local anesthesia is used for anesthesia, but if the patient does not have a good presence in the operating room, it is also possible to introduce a state of safe medical sleep.

Advantages of the methodology

Lipofilling does not require the introduction of artificial implants. Due to the use of the "native" fat tissue of the patient, the risk that it will be torn away is practically zero.

Lipofilling is a quick, minimally invasive procedure that does not require open surgical interventions and subsequent suturing.

Result of procedure

This procedure can be used to rejuvenate and correct the figure for both men and women of any age. As a rule, similar synthetic and chemical injections do not give a life-long result, dissolving with time, but the patient's own fat, properly injected and distributed, remains in place for life.


Like all other operations, lipofilling has a common list of contraindications:
  • Diseases and pathologies of internal organs;
  • Chronic and acute pathologies of connective tissue in the patient;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Diseases of blood vessels, in particular - atherosclerosis;
  • Diabetes;
  • Local and common infectious diseases of different origin;
  • Oncology and other tumor processes in the body;
  • Problems with blood coagulability in the patient;
  • Mental diseases.
Lipofilling is recommended only after 18 years.

How much can lipolifting cost?

Concerning other methods of cosmetic intervention in the body, lipofilling pleases with its rather democratic price. Also, the patient does not have to pay for implants or synthetic drugs, because his own fat tissue is used.
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