Choosing a style for the shape

A non-standard figure is not a sentence! This article brings to your attention the rules that will help buy dresses of the correct style for those who seek to hide the flaws of their figure.

Full hands

Dresses with sleeves of translucent fabrics will hide this feature of your body. Do not worry, the style will not hide natural sexuality and only give the image a bit of mystery.

Heavy bust

A deep v-shaped neckline helps balance the top of your body. But do not rush to choose over-decorated neckline. An excellent solution would be to use a lace top and a full skirt in short dresses.

Short stature

For miniature girls it is very important to choose clothes from one material. Try to focus on the face, pick the right jewelry to the outfit. Low girls designers are strongly advised to abandon dresses with sleeves.

Wide waist

Visually reduce the volume by moving the belt or the waist line itself. For short dresses especially high waist, which can be combined with different fabrics.

Small chest

Oddly enough, most of the women's clothing looks better on the owners of small breasts. If you want to visually increase your volumes, you can buy a dress with ruffles and lace at the site of the neckline. In general, a properly chosen outfit can make an overly thin girl a beauty with an appetizing figure, and turn a fat woman into a slim one.

When choosing a good place to buy a dress with sleeves, do not forget to pay attention to online shopping. Buyers have a lot of advantages of online shopping compared to shopping in ordinary boutiques: fast delivery, reasonable prices, a wide range of dresses, high quality goods.
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