Is a flexible schedule useful?

How do you like the idea of ​​flexible graphics? It sounds wonderful - you determine for yourself the time of the beginning and the end of the work, focusing on your biorhythms and well-being. This is considered a modern and excellent option for working without overworking and getting pleasure.

But what do scientists say?

And scientists completely agree with us - experts from the University of Pennsylvania conducted an experiment that resulted in the proven benefit of a flexible schedule for sleep. They selected 474 volunteers, some of whom worked as usual, and some - changed the schedule and had the opportunity to choose their place of work and time for its implementation.

After 6 months, experts noted improvements in the quality and amount of sleep. A year later, scientists noted that people with flexible schedules sleep for 8 mines of their colleagues. It seems that this is quite a bit - but in a week an hour of sleep is accumulated, which affects a lot. Therefore now many companies are switching to a flexible forum for their employees. This not only allows you to create a competitive advantage over other firms, but also increases the productivity of employees. In the end, everyone seeks to justify the help that was given to them and prevent the introduced innovation.

Yes, of course, with flexible schedules it is easier to get out of the regime and sometimes you will have to force yourself to work, but after all, health is an important part of life. And sometimes there comes a time when it is necessary to decide what is more important for you personally: uniform work, sleep and hassle, or the need to fit into other people's frames.

And what do you think about the flexible schedule? Would you like such a regime to be introduced in your workplace?
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