How to get married?

To marry is not to attack, our grandmothers said. Of course, a hundred years ago no one asked the bride. Everything was decided by the older generation, matchmakers and parents. We sat at the table, drank in a cup, negotiated the terms of the deal ... Oh, that is, weddings. And forward, to the future happy life.

Now times have changed. On the one hand, the woman gained freedom and independence . You can work, study, do art, ride a motorcycle or design a building, there would be a desire. Nobody will look askance and say that this is not a woman's business. On the other hand, a confident business woman with two higher educations and a leading position for some reason often remains lonely. The trend was outlined in Soviet times, a vivid example - the film "Moscow does not believe in tears".

Three causes of loneliness

A correctly formulated query is half the solution! If you want to get married, to begin with, just admit it. Just do not have any excuses like that you first need to get a third higher or to rise to the CEO. Yes, another red diploma and a salary of several thousand more is cool, but nothing prevents you in the process of implementing a plan to play a wedding with a charming deputy director or head of department. He, by the way, has been looking at you with interest for a long time, but you do not notice. And here we come to the main reason for the loneliness of many successful girls ...

Problem 1: Excessive requirements

Think about what you want to marry . If you see a future husband as the owner of a large business, a white limousine and three villas in the south of France, then I hasten to upset you. Childhood has passed, and to believe in princes is no longer fashionable. You yourself, for sure, there is no villa, not even a Cadillac.

What to do

If you want to get married quickly and happily, you do not need to dream about the unrealizable. Become a realist and look at those men who surround you. But do not overdo it!

Problem 2: "hungry eyes"

The second most frequent reason is vice versa, too strong a desire and a reduction in the "bar" . "I want to get married!" - decides the sportswoman-Komsomol-excellent pupil and starts to make a business plan. To marry is becoming another project, which you must pass before deadline. As a result, all men within a kilometer radius simply evaporate.

What to do

You know, it's bad for karma to want something badly! Relax, everything will come by itself. You do not need to consider each male representative as potential prey. Have fun, go in for sports, learn to drive and favorably receive signs of attention from those who are sympathetic to you. Man by nature hunter! So let him hunt you, and not you for him.

Problem 3: internal conflict

The most difficult situation. You're kind of ready, seriously tuned, do not go too far. But the right man is not around anyway. Look inside yourself . Perhaps in the depths of your soul you are afraid of marriage, you do not want to part with old habits. It seems to you that the husband will forbid to communicate with friends, go to cafes and the theater, write pictures, skate in the night city.

What to do

To look at married friends, friends, parents, collect statistics. You'll see that after the wedding, life, of course, changes, but you can only be forbidden to do something by yourself. Yes, you will have new duties and responsibilities. But with you there will always be a loved and loving person who will support and make up the company. And it's great!

Signs for the wedding

Finally, a few will take, according to which our grandmothers determined that the marriage is not far off:
  • At the wedding : catch the bride's bouquet, hem the wedding dress, drizzle with wine and if the groom invites you to dance. If your girlfriend marries, you can try to walk through all the points.
  • Becoming a godmother for the baby. When the godson goes, you will surely marry.
  • To love peonies, to plant them in the garden, to hang pictures and wear dresses with these flowers.
  • To prick on the New Year . By the way, soon it will be possible to check this sign!
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